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27 07 2009


Digital Freestyle Fridays debuted with a battle of wits featuring emcee The Brain (me, hailing fresh out of Seattle) vs. B-boy Kim Jong il (Eric, reppin Pyongyang to the fullest). Transcripts of the sick ass ryhmes follow:

Things started off slow with disconnected one-liners:

me: this ray, lights up your day
Eric: lights up your day, like a dish by bobby flay
me: cut off those lines, cuz man they bees gay
i can continue, man i can go all day
Eric: don’t tempt me to retort, you’ll end up in the death report
m’fer acting like this a game like tron, but i’ll school you like cam’ron

Then, with some help from Rick Ross, the real ryhmes started flowing:

me: look up at the stars, she like honey where’s the roof
pull up hear the dogs canaries, they goin woof
Eric: then move to the corner, try to act aloof
to ‘void the 5-0 from knocking me for truf (truth)
me: i bake bread but i gotta wait for it to proof
make the po-pos go away like magic say *poof*
have em come to your door knock you straight in the toof (tooth)
Eric: then pull out that gin and juice, rock it with the homies and blaze up that spruce
now i’m feeling like scrappin with some bitches like yous
me: ride your girl like a horse, but her hoof is loose
Eric: ahahahaha
ok i admit defeat
i think i’d just be vying to beat that line for the rest of the battle

Eric: i’ll start this one slow, so you can follow my flow,
if it confuse you like dro, lemme know, i’ll i’ll take it to slo-mo
kkk, wow that’s bad…but at least an easy one to build off
me: uhoh, you stealin the weezy stutter
you take it slow, cuz your brain cant grow, at a pace that will match to your race, uh-oh, i switched up the ryhme
Eric: don’t stress it ain’t no crime, knowing your limits it was only a matter of time
before you ran out of lines, like bobby brown ‘fore he hit his and mine
me: im generous so let me drop you a line, a dime for key it’ll make you feel divine, sniff snort pop pills all the time, you madd f’d up got you riding on the pine
‘riding on the pine’ like sitting on the end of the bench… on a team sport
i just explained it son
Eric: riding on the pine? you musta heard your moms last night riding on mine
making insinuations like i ain’t even trying, like you ain’t even lying, in every rhyme, sipping wine, trying to get you hine-
E be my name, don’t let it wane… like the brothers incorporated, i done let it be stated, you ain’t nothing just cuz you act like you incarcerated
me: i was lock’d up in your love straight jaded, i walk behind smokers to get a lil faded, then my face sometimes contorts like i’m gettin masterbated
Eric: masterbated? this guy talking like sex overrated, like the fish juice is locked up and steel-plated, and crated around, underground, or buried under the Sound
of the Puget, you lose it?
aiight i’ll pause til you catch up like whoo kid
me: it aint overrated, its just that i dated, the mother of your child, who had me all elated, me and her mated, but kept it a secret, now you taking care of my son gold plated

Even Mr. Fresh Prince of Bel Air himself, Will Smith, made a cameo appearance to spit a few of his notoriously child-friendly bars:

Will Smith: i do homework all day to get straight A’s, i love all kinds of people the straights and the gays, i try my best to stay away from that purple haze, but sometimes i relax with a book and some earl gray

Stay tuned for the next session of Digital Freestyle Fridays. Hopefully they will feature some better ryhmes… and maybe The Brain won’t be constantly interupted by co-workers, whilst splittin hot fiiiiire.

Breezy Alert!

Yo, I want to give madd props to Carrie Prejean, the former Miss California. Not only for being ridiculously hot, but for keeping it real and speakin up. While I can’t say I agree or disagree with her stated opinion (that gays shouldn’t be able to legally marry), I give her triple DAPS for her response to a question from a gay judge (Perez Hilton?), in front of a huge live and tv audience, which took some major courage. Unlike all them other boogie-ass rehearsed answers to those other lame questions. Me, being a man, a tremendous one at that, am fine with the homos and their lifestyle choice. I mean, I have a good friend named Pablo, who chooses to play the catcher position in a two-man game of baseball, so it’s all good in the hood. ~paging Doctor Faggot!~

Here’s some pics for the uninformed:

Mmm, delicious, white girl

Cali breezys > WA breezys. Its no contest.

I’m not gonna speak in detail about MJ’s passing, because the media has already covered the shiz out of it. I’m also not down with his over-glorification, cuz he was an admitted pedobear, but he did make some good music. Nigs are coming all out of the woodwork to celebrate Steve McNair and MJ’s life… why couldn’t they do the same for real American heroes like Fredrick Douglas or Ed McMahon?

Also, peepz the tribute to MJ from The Game Ft. Diddy, Chris Brown, Boyz II Men, and Polow Da Don – Better On the Otherside. Chorus is hot, but The Game kinda phones in his lines. Props to Diddy for phonetically pronouncing philanthropy: fil-lan-tro-py. Apparently this is a common problem with celebrities:

RIP Walter Cronkite. I don’t know much about you, but you deserve some props for speaking the truth about the Vietnam War.

On the real though, I feel more sadness over the passing of Farrah Fawcett, than these other celebs. I never really knew much about her, or gave her many props cuz she’s just another blonde actress who attended Lakers games when I despised them. But I gained some newfound respect for her, after watching the documentary focusing on her struggles with cancer. Moment of silence, son.

New Music


-Nicole Scherzinger – Save Me From Myself. Average slow song from a hottie with much body.
-Stevie Hoang – Changes, I’ll Be Fine, Turn U On, I’m Missing You, and U Turn. Interesting, a Chinese dude in Britain (with a british accent!) who started as a music producer, then started singing. Not the best vocalist out there, but def got some catchy r&b tracks.
-Richgirl Ft. Chris Brown – Smile & Wave. Catchy little pop song. I’ll probably play this out in a week.
-Marie Digby – Surrender. Another youtube sensation with catchy pop songs?!? Similar to Michelle Branch, who is awesome and greatly missed.
-Lil Eddie Ft. Tiwa Savage – Love Next Door. More catchy pop songs, wheredafuc is all the rap at?
-Ryan Teddar – Gravity. Sounds like a demo track for another artist, but yet again, the lead singer of One Republic killsss it.
-Jay Sean – Why Why Why. Just found out this guy is Indian. Not like hyoh-hyoh-hyoh Native American Indian, but like Mahatma Ghandi Indian. Um yea, decent second single with too much handclap.
-Gorilla Zoe – Echo. So yea, this isn’t new, and I’d heard it before, but they were blaring it in the clubs in Vegas and this song sounds ridiculously tight at 120dB with a bit of loosey juice in your system. Peepz it if you haven’t.
-Jay-Z Ft. Kanye West & Rihanna – Run This Town. A rap track fom da hova, oooh. Head noddin beat with some nice ryhmes from Jay and Yeezy. Rihanna’s voice seems to have gotten more annoying after ChrisBreezy laid a beating on her.

Jordin Sparks – Battlefield. [ALBUM]

Wow, I did not expect much out of this album at all, but damn was I wrong. Some slower bangers to vibe out to, and some faster big name production tracks for beat-maker-jockers like my co-blogger (wheredafuckistpain?). I can safely say that if Jordin Sparks was actually hot, she would absolutely BLOW UP.

Anyways, here’s the notable tracks thus far: Walking on Snow, Battlefield, It Takes More, Watch You Go, Post card, and Paper cut. After just a week of perusing, this has already surpassed the Esmee Denters album… I think.

SLOAN is baaaaack!

Its the best time of the year right now, beautiful weather, longs days of sun light, and the best tv show out there, Entourage has returned! No HBO? Watch that shiz online or download it. You have no excuse for not being hip to this show. Go here to see all past episodes and even the new ones: ENTOURAGE. You can blame tpain if you get addicted and end up watching 10 episodes in one sitting.

The last season of this show was a little disappointing, but this new season’s premiere brought a smile to my face with the return of the best looking breezy to EVAR appear on the show: Sloan AKA my future wife AKA the first-ever SMASH-certified hottie AKA Emmanuelle Chiriqui!

Pics for your enjoyment:



Oh so beautiful. I bet she was reading this blog on her laptop.

Next time, maybe a post with more substance, but I’m crip-walkin out for now…



po-po-po-poke her face

17 06 2009

Apologies for the lateness of this post, I’ve been busy depleting the ocean of its shellfish and building an awesome model car (pics to come later). Hopefully this is worth the wait. Let’s start off with some albums I’ve been diggin recently. Songs in bold are must-listens!

Rick Ross – Deeper Than Rap
Notable tracks: Mafia Music, Maybach Music 2, Usual Suspects, Rich Off Cocaine, Lay Back, and In Cold Blood. The BOSSS is back with his gangsta rap. I like bumpin this while driving to work, while doing work at work, and doing work at home… in my bed. Tracks can get you hyped and ready to go slang some rocks. He really shouldn’t be shirt-less in all of his music videos though…

Mat Kearney – City of Black & White
Notable tracks: All I Have, Closer To Love, Here We Go, Lifeline, Runaway Car, Never Be Ready, Annie, and Straight Away. Most of these tracks are good ‘work music’. Just toss on the headphones and play it in the background to drown out them annoying voices and sounds of people actually being productive.

Imogen Heap – Speak For Yourself
Notable Tracks: Headlock, Goodnight and Go, Have You Got it in You, Loose Ends, Hide and Seek, Clear the Area, The Walk, and Just for Now. Yeah I know this album came out in 2005, and I’m hella late, but better late than never right? Seriously the best album I’ve heard in a long time. About the opposite end of the spectrum from the nigga music t-pain loves, but he needs to give this album a try, as do YOU!

Special shouts for two more amazing songs from her that are not on this album: Speeding Cars and Frou Frou – Let Go.

Esmee Denters – Outta Here
Notable Tracks: Victim, Outta Here, Gravity, What If, Getting Over You, Just Can’t Have It, Casanova, Bigger Than the World, and Sad Symphony. The first artist signed to sexy Justin Timberlake’s music label is a youtube sensation. This album features big-name production, so if you like to jock people named Timbaland and Danja, you should peeps it. Originally I gave this a 3/5 stars for bravely trying to copy Jojo’s amazing style. But after some repeated listens, I’ll give her a final tally of 4/5 stars cuz I think I’m hooked.


I haven’t happened upon any bangin hip-hop lately, so here’s some lovely boys and girls R&B music. Scrounge for the links yourselves:

Keri Hilson – Hurts Me (mos def should’ve been on the album. 5/5 starsss)
Brandy – Love Me the Most, Back and Forth
Christina Milian Ft. Kanye – Diamonds (kanye is actually barable)
Monica – Once in a Lifetime (new album coming soon?)
Toni Braxton – Not a Chance, Heart Never Had a Hero (new album coming soon?)
Paula Deanda – Back From Alone (new album coming soon? last one in 06 was a bangHER.)
LeToya – She Ain’t Got Shit on Me (new album coming soon? man she was lookin fiiine in her first music video after she got cut from Destiny’s Child.)

Private Residence

Jaicko Lawrence – Dreaming About You (no idea who this is, but catchy soulja boy beat, without the horrifical soulja boy)
Jaicko Lawrence – Not Tryna Fall In Love (wow, let me proclaim this neeg the next Chris Brown/Ne-Yo, but uglier)
Jay Sean Ft. Lil Wayne – Down (a lil electro-pop for tpain, featuring his fav rapper)
Ne-Yo – Lincoln Continental (sums up how i feel most of the time, but the beat is kind of annoying)
Ryan Teddar – Battlefield (way better than Jordin Sparks version)
Tyrese – Take Me Away (tpain loves the vocoder)
Usher – What’s a Guy to Do (new album coming soon? maybe another video with the HOTTT keri hilson?!)



Just in case any movie producers are reading this blog, here’s a random story about my traveling sweat pants (its contains pictures for the slow kids with ADD):

Recently, something tragic happened to me and my beloved sweat pants. I decided to post about it because my sweats are my friend (and because this blog seems to be lacking content that will draw in new readership). Let me begin this story with a journey way back in time…

It was the year 2001, and I was just a gangsta thug roaming the aisles of a Westfield mall in the heart of Sydney, Australia (yes, black people can travel internationally too). I stumble into a Foot Locker to check what’s poppin off with sneakerheads in the Land Down Under. No sexy shoes to see, but I spot a bombtastic pair of Saucony Athletic sweat pants in my favorite color, GREY. Not gray, not silver, GREY. They have cargo pockets on the side, where I can stash my brown paper bag money, so I knew I had to copz.


Problem is, my paper stackz is low from my daily visits to McDonald’s for soft serve ice cream cones… so I hollur at my momz, and she spots me some bills. I got home and started rockin my sweats with the tags still on. Straight fresh to def like my main man Hugh Hef. Back in Seattle, I rock the sweats everywhere. Out to eat, everyday to school, to kick it with the homies, and to the gym.

Paired with my fav shoes of all-time (grey nike huraches)!
Pls ignore the enormous bulge in the crotch-region, some things just can’t be hidden.

One sad night (July 4th), I made the poor decision to wear my sweats to a roman candle fight. Now I’m not talking about your run of the mill, boogie wack-ass stand 30 ft from each other on some strategic type battle shit. I’m talking about some in yo face, afghani mountain guerilla warfare, 2-on-1 business. Now in battle number three of the night, I’m gettin lit up by two converging enemies when suddenly a stray flaming ball of fury hits my sweat pants just above the right pocket. Hella amped from the action, I continue on double-fisting with roman candles ablazing, unbeknownst to the mini-fire burning a hole through my beloved sweats. Finally alerted to the wildfire, I extinguish the flames with the palm of my hand, Clint Eastwood style, you gook. I had my dad sew a patch over the hole and the pants remain rock-able.


Fast forward to now, and I’ve relegated my sweats to sleepwear. Ask some of the lucky ladies that have joined me in the COCKpit of my sleeping vessle and 7 months out of the year I’m rocking my sweats to bed every night. The wear and tear has begun to show. The sweats no longer fit snugly around my waist, so I have to tug them up with every other step. This has caused the fabric to wear very thin at the ‘pull-up’ points (just imagine where black people hold onto their jeans when they’re running away from the cops).

Fast forward to yesterday, and I’m chillin in the kitchen, cookin up some nice grits and collard greens with a slice of watermelon and grape soda… and my sweats start slippin down. No biggie, this happens all the time. Two hands on my backside, pull up, and the pants should be proper. Except no, this time, things were different. I grasped my sweats firmly, and as I went to lift them up above ass-line (I sag for the homies in prison who can’t do so) I feel a strange poke come through… my finger has tragically pierced through the worn fabric area on my sweats.

Worn fabric area, hole, and patched hole.

In a fit of rage, I remove my sweat pants and toss them to the ground in a disgusted fashion. How could my sweats be ruined? I used Snuggle fabric softner, so you would last a lifetime (and for that hella cute bear). I can’t wear clothes that have more than one hole in them. That crosses the line from gangsta to nigga-poor…

Finally accepting the fact, I picked up my sweats and gently laid them out on a chair. From now on, I’m gonna leave these sweat pants in my car. I’ll be just like Linus from Peanuts, except instead of a blanket, I have my sweat pants. Hate if you want… I just love my sweat pants.



I can’t leave tpain without something to dream about at night, besides him sitting behind me on a Yamaha R6 50th Anniversary motorcycle, so enjoy… the many faces (and bodies) of the caucasian female.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: all-natural beautifulnessnessness.

Blake Lively: meh I don’t think I’m diggin it at all, but tpain might.

Carrie Underwood: damn look at them legs. legs for daaaays son. I’ll take them legs with a side of cole slaw and biscuits… is what a black guy would say. Damn Tony Romo, you are a crazy man for passing on that. Though following it up with Jessica Simpson is like passing on clam chowder for seafood bisque, either way you’re eating good in the neighborhood.

Also, this dude reminds me of my homosexual friend Pablo, who is almost this COOL:




Hit ’em with that one two son.

5 05 2009

Wow, first time ever? Two posts within 12 hours, something must be in the air. Kinda difficult following up that last post, I would have to say out all those facebook 25 thingie lists I read Raymond’s was the only one that had my loling for more than a few items (just for reference I read a total of 4 of those lists). So a big pat on the back for you buddy for makin me laugh a great deal. I’ll get ya a beer next time…and maybe a breezy to go along with it? The logistics of how I’m gonna repay that debt confuzzle me now.

So, this post is a lil jacked. I had written most of it up at work a couple weeks ago during a late night while my comp was processing some junk…then I lost my phone a couple days later. Steve Jobs hooked it up though and was all along secretly copying all of my iPhone info to my computer and probably off to some huge secret Apple database, so yeah, no worries I still have all yall’s digits. Not that I ever call anyone anyways.

So, back to the original subject of my post…personal space aka the space bubble aka one’s ‘kinesphere’ (wtf? I guess there’s a real term for it says Wikipedia. Feel free to use that term to impress the ladies tonight Raymond, just ask if they’d like to merge kinespheres or somethin like that). Anyways, it seems to me that people are forgetting what the fock personal space is these days. Living in LA, the most f’in spread out city in the world, you woulda thought people would use that extra space to maaaybe, just maybe, stay out your grill. Guess that just isn’t the case. I started to notice this problem about a month ago when I was standing in the checkout line at the grocery store grabbing something for lunch on my way to work. I get in line then this old dude gets in line behind me standin’ maaaaad close like he’s tryin to get some body heat off me. At first I figured, eh maybe he’s not paying attention and is off looking at something else and doesn’t realize how close he’s standin, so the line moves forward, I take a step…so does he, and now he’s standing even closer, wtf. I felt like Chris on an episode of Family Guy with this dude (picture to meet post quota):

Standing right up my butt isn’t gonna make the line go any faster buddy, not really sure what his deal was. My apologies if you just have really, really…really bad vision sir. I had a couple of other examples but after writing them up the first time I’m too lazy now to do it again. One involved children pretty much grabbing me while in line at Disneyland while their parents did absolutely nothing and no I’m not down like the Pedo. And the other recent instance involved some dude I was sitting next to on a plane twitchin his leg against mine like he was tryin to start a fire, seriously, wtf?

So yeah, check yo self people, otherwise I might just sneeze on your face next time so you realize why standing too close to someone isn’t a great idea.

Oh, onto the certifications, lets keep it simple and quick this time folks cuz I’m a nerd and a fan of the kiss principle (look that ish up on google if you ain’t down with them nerd terms):
1) Pass
2) Pass
3) Pass
4) Hmmm, rrrrr, dang guess you did get me with that kryptonite Raymond but that pic you posted is not quality. Eh, guess I’m gonna have to go with a P-A-S-S. Maybe if you post a better pic we can change that ruling. We got some standards to maintain around here and none of thems bees on that Miss Chriqui level. And no I’m not just bitter cuz you turned down my submission for certification last time, you blind mother-f’er.

Just wanted to wrap it up with a concrats to the millieman on the big Q and a-leezie on turnin soft. Who wulda thunk it, snaps ya’ll, what’s next tpain not having a motorcycle? Raymoondo not dating three (to five) black girls? Man the world’s a crazy place these days.

Wow, this really just turned into an open letter to Raymond (I blame this on his recent online absence)…..hmmm, well I hope it was at least somewhat entertaining for the rest of you.

till later this month (I’m tryin to maintain that one-post-a-month average and last month I was sluffin),

Blame it on the ah-ah-ah-al-cohol…

4 05 2009

Don’t feel like typing much with the NBA playoffs going on (go houston rockets!), so here’s a short post I had saved on another comp. I’ll be back with something more tasty later on. ~wheredafuckistpain~

*The following list is posted here, cuz I’m sure some people on FB wouldn’t be able to handle the realness of it all. It is in response to those lists of “25 random things about yourself” that took over FB a while back.*

So I took a break from my busy schedule of sitting and sleeping to draft up a list of 25 random facts about myself. Read on as I pour out my heart and inner-most feelings…

1. If you knew what I was thinking all the time, you would LOL and think I’m crazy.

2. I like simple things. If I could, I would use Notepad for everything and store only a butcher’s knife and pair of chopsticks in my kitchen.

3. When meeting new people, I subconsciously ignore their name. So if I actually know your name, congrats, you’re either someone I see on a regular basis, a good friend, or a hot breezy.

4. Sometimes I like to drive with my eyes closed, just to see how long I can drive without sight. This all stopped on August 21, 2006… not because something happened, just cuz I felt like it.

5. The overall size of my head is ridiculous. I keep my hair short in hopes of disguising the enormity of it all.

6. If I could be anything other than what I am, I would be a panda. I would sit there all day, eat bamboo, reproduce little panda babies, and straight lounge in the forest. Get too close though, and I’d choke your ass out.

7. I never speak like I write. This is partly attributed to my poor orator skills and partly my way of holding onto my gangsta-ness, even in a corporate environment.

8. One of my goals is to travel to every continent, then I could finally be the first black man on Antarctica.

9. I am very loyal, almost to a fault, similar to a dog. On the flip side, cross the line, and I am very stubborn, similar to a rock.

10. I am not good friends with anyone who cannot make me laugh.

11. I don’t know how to give compliments very well, so if I don’t give you some props, its not cuz I’m a hater. I just feel weird saying things like ‘wow, you look gorgeous’ or ‘you’re very good at washing those dishes’.

12. I sit in meetings and make funny/awkward faces to see who else is not paying attention.

13. I’ve been depressed ever since 2003, when my goal of dunking in high school never came to fruition.

14. If I could, I would wear sweat pants everywhere. Then when I get home, I’d put on dress pants, just to blow your mind. I’m special like that.

15. I like to use humor in all situations, especially to make things more awkward.

16. I used to take pencil fighting pretty seriously. If you’ve ever cheated at pencil fighting, then you know what I’m sayin.

17. I am self-conscious. For instance, I think I sound weird when I pronounce words like ‘swirl’ and ‘squirrel’, so I pause, then employ substitute phrases like ‘mix that shit around’ and ‘look at that brown shit eating nuts’.

18. If I were rich, I would become a chef, and open up my FUCK YOU restaurant. I would serve all sorts of crazy, but tasty combinations that will be listed in the menu with inordinate amounts of profanity (eg. the pussy bitch burger with cocksauce). I will then have a heart attack and die within a year while laying in bed with Meagan Good.

19. I’ve learned that there will always be someone better than you at something. For example, Lebron would undoubtedly smash me on the bball court… but switch that to bball in a swimming pool, and like all black people, he will dissolve.

20. I like to read famous quotes and make quotes out of song lyrics.

21. If I were black, my name would be De’Andre and I would properly enunciate the ending of words. I would be a music-producing phenom and eat everything with a side of hot sauce and ranch, even ice cream. I would walk around with white paint around my ankles, so it looked like I always wore a fresh pair of socks.

22. If I were white, my name would be Sebastien and I would speak with an English accent. I would live in a condo on the eastside and be irresistable to asian girls fresh out of college. My face would show up in your dreams at night, making you feel insecure about your sexual preference.

23. Often times when someone is talking to me, I ponder what would happen if I just randomly hugged the person or socked them in the face. One day I will do more than just ponder the outcome…

24. I never looked forward to growing older. Not when I was a kid, not when I was 20, and not now. I would bust out the Toys ‘r us kids song right now, but Geoffrey the Giraffe didn’t come to the ghetto, so I don’t know how it goes.

25. Everyday I wake up hoping that I will have regained 2 of my 5 senses, but I frown knowing that I will forever lack the ability to smell and taste. Yeah, I wanted to leave you on a somber note.

And because I don’t like leaving y’all without something to analyze, here’s a new female up for SorP certification… Kelly Monaco:

Sportsman's Lodge


I’ve posted them wholesome (safe for Eric’s kids) type of pics here. Feel free to do a Google image search for them nice Maxim/FHM type photos or here’s some links for the lazy AKA tpain (hot, hotter, and HOTTEST)… OUTRO.

-el raymundo

can’t get you outta my system…

19 03 2009

She’s back! Miss Keri, baby.


News of her album droppin on 3/24 was music to my ears, just like her album is… music to my ears. Yes, her album in its entirety has leaked again. Find your own link or copz it in stores. I feel kind of bad, cuz apparently that’s what delayed her album in the first place, but you know how I do.

After watching the following video, her hotness is obviously on that beyonce/a-keys level, if not higher (that’s Meagan Good territory). Certify me with that Jungle Fever stamp, son!

Imagine waking up next to that every day. GAH!

So after listenin through ‘In A Perfect World’ a few times and other previously leaked tracks, here’s what pops off as Miss Keri’s notable bangers:

On the album: Knock You Down, Intuition, Change Me (Prob second best ‘new’ song on the album), Energy, and Where Did He Go. Pretty much every song is at least decent, except Set Your Money Up and Return the Favor. Timbaland is fallin off…

Not on the album: Mic Check (how is this NOT on the album?!?), Do It, Control Me, Luv Ya, What Channel, Turnin Me On Remix Ft. T-Pain & Lil Wayne (wayyy better than the original), and Promise in the Dark.

Honorable mention: Wrong When You’re Gone. Apparently she wrote this song for JLo and sang a sample of it (cuz JLo can’t sing for shiz). Well the snippet leaked and she obv KILT it; whereas JLo’s version sucks toes. Please re-record this and put it out baby! JLo’s version for reference: puertoricanssuckdicks.

Best new track (best click the link son!): Alienated. Its prob the hottest track from her since ‘Energy’ and I’ve had it on repeat non-stop. Real classic love-in-the-summer banger. Beat, lyrics, and vocals are all on point. The song even ends well with a nice little ding-ding-do-dou-do-ding-ding.

Random pic of Meagan Good… cuz there was too much dense text. She’s hottt in nig & white photo. 🙂

Its March Madness time snigs. Please believe my Thursday/Friday will comprise chatting/trash talking online (cuz my coworkers ain’t down for the crown) and monitoring all day. I’ve posted one of my NCAA brackets for all the world to see. I suggest you fill one out and see if you can beat me. These predictions are pretty much a guessing game, and they’re easier to do than pummeling t-pain at Gears of War 2.

THE NCAA Bracket 2009 This is a link cuz homoWordpress doesn’t support .bmp files. WTF?

Speaking of gow2, this game is ridiculously addictive. Its like sex with crack, mixed with a bit of meth on the side. No lie. I’ve been tempted to just stay home from work and play gow2 all day and eat pistachio crackers with kool-aid. I imagine that how’s these mo’fockers that be killin me constantly get sooo good.

The verdict is in on Minka Kelly… PIZZ-ASS. I mean, well, not pass. Please believe I would smash that if I found her laying in my bed/chair/ground/passenger seat, but she’s nothing more than a poor man’s Emmanuelle Chiriqui. And if you don’t know, now you know…


Since t-pain had the courage to bring up a breezy for voting, I shall do the same. Hello y’all, please meet Megan Fox (two pics, cuz she’s worth the extra download time).



Well, she’s not exactly unknown, but I think she has a good chance of being certified as A) she’s crazy FOXy, B) she was in an animated film t-pain adores, and C) she’s not black. t-pain despises girls of his own color. self-racism is a bitch.

Just cuz I gots the time, I’ll provide one more candidate for SorP certification. I know she’s already a strong candidate cuz she’s part Chinese, which is t-pain’s kryptonite. Just like mine’s are fried foods, fast women, and pandas. Mmm Kelly Hu. You make me want to sit in the dark and watch re-runs of Nash Bridges all night long. By the way, that show was focking awesome.


Don’t forget to check out new episodes of the best hak-gwei show on tv right now: The Game. Hopefully it won’t be the next in the long line of black comedies to get cancelled. 😦

Before I leave, big shouts to the nig for holding it down in LA. Them pics of the PCH are sweet. Next time i’ll post the vid of me and El Spic-o riding dirty on that freeway. Props on the new wHip too. Glad you got the 19s to make the ladies swoon; and the leather, so the breezies won’t stain the interior. Don’t sweat the popo’s down there vato, i’m sure they’re just jealous seeing a dark-skinned nig pushin that sweet black ass. wtf am i even talking about anymore?

Must be time to end this, till next time SNEEgroes…

-mr. RAYsin

jigga what?

17 03 2009

Just some random stuff for this post. Guess I was waiting to come across something of substance to write about but nothing really materialized. So I’m just gonna jump around here.

So I finally gave in and got a car last month (and have gotten 4 parking tickets already, more on that later). Getting from Hollywood to Venice on the bus was gettin real old. Here is a pic from the top of the garage where I park her.


Hopefully I’ll get some better ones when I figure out where my tripod is. Commute still takes 40-60 minutes one way but no more smelly bus rides or worrying that I’m gonna get shot, which happened on some bus on Crenshaw a couple weeks ago, which is the street I was catching my second bus on. Now everyday on my way in instead, I just think about skipping my exit and staying on the freeway which in a couple miles goes to the coast and the PCH.

IE this:

and further up the road this:

One day I’ll do it again…

Also I’ve decided to get rid of the bike. After a too close encounter with a F150 and a driver who didn’t want to stop after his lil’ love tap, I figured its probably time. Not having a real garage down here sucks and people are just too crazy on the roads. No regrets with the bike though and I think I’ll get another one someday down the road, just time for a break. R1 next maybe? 1098? Dualsport? Who knows. I’ll probably end up on a Harley. Jeebus, please sock me in the face if that does happen. Pics of the R6 for reference.



Back to parking tickets. As a public service announcement to anybody: LA meter maids are bizzatches. I’ve gotten 4 tickets now for not having plates. How come I don’t have plates? Because I just got the car, if you bothered to look on the dash where my temp registration is exactly where its supposed to be you’d know that. So LA isn’t so strict about speeding like they bees in the Seatown but man they make up for it with parking tickets. First ticket I got down here about six months ago was for leaving the bike in a no-parking 10am-12pm zone. I got the ticket at 10:04am. Ugg.

What else…oh, so I rented this highly hyped (by our co-blogger) movie called “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and… it will not be getting SOP certified. There were some funny moments and Miss Kuniz was lookin good but its not on the required top level for certification. I think Raymond is just really in love with the guy from How I Met Your Mother and in this movie you see ALL of him.

Something, err someone I do think we should certify though. One of the actresses from Friday Night Lights, Minka Kelly. Snaps son. Its been a while since I had anything to add to the “breezies” section so you know this had to be good. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.




I’d been hearin about this show for a while and finally caught a few episodes, worth checking out (for more than the above) if you enjoy dramas.

I’ll close it out with a few excepts from recent conversations w/my co-blogger. He entertains me like Mr. Chi City. The day is quite a bit more boring when he isn’t online, which luckily isn’t too often. Names changed upon request to protect the innocent, haha. Like no one knows who he is. Also this is the name he requested to be used.

BigNig: do they block porn sites out there?
Lee: ummm yeah i think so
they regulate a lot of stuff
BigNig: try googling baby sex or something
and see what happens

BigNig: damn that sounds fun
link me up to the ad when you post it
me: aight
don’t think it will match your snow one tho
BigNig: yous silly
like a goose
beenie babies
big boppers
me: yous mad random sometimes
BigNig: man i feel like michael phelps right now
if i knew what that felt like, i imagine its like now

BigNig: oh man, i better be careful
i just went to the bathroom and on my way there, i saw this old guy i usually say hi, hows it going to and today for some reason, i saluted him, and said how goes it good thing it was like an army salute, and not like a hitler one

me: how’s miss hilson
and you’re teasin me with a new blog post?
or telling me to post
BigNig: BOTh
she’s resting
i just ‘chris brown’ed her

BigNig: outro
see you tonight hopefully
if im not on xbl
pls call me
as i may have died or something

me: what does that mean
BigNig: i dunno
sometimes i say shit
and it doesnt mean anything

Til next time-which might be a while, I’m on a mission to get to the top rank on COD4. And yea, Fuck that GOW game. I said it.



26 01 2009

Just a quick one, I blame GOW2 for the lack of writing in this post. Straight to the music we go…

Michael Franti & Spearhead-Hey World

Aeroc-Blue Eyed Bitter
Just a random track I got from some sampler.

Kenmochi Hidefumi-Falliccia
More stuff from Hydeout/Japan. Yeaaah boy!

John Legend-Everybody Knows

Chamillionaire-Mixtape Messiah 6

TI ft. Akon-Hero

The Game ft. Anthony Hamilton – Hustler’s Dream
Not a big Game fan but he’s not too bad here. Wish the chorus was different though.

Kiley Dean-Days Go By
Guess this was some album from 2003 that never got released. If you like JoJo and stuff like that than you might like this, Raymond is the expert with this kind of music so I’ll have to see what he thinks. I had to go look up the sample cuz I couldn’t place it; Dilated Peoples, Ludacris, Young Jeezy and some others used it just in case anyone was wondering like me.

Full Album-“Simple Girl”

Beyonce – Save The Hero
A few tracks that supposedly didn’t make it onto Sasha Fierce. Best of the bunch for me would be the second one, Save The Hero.

Also, I saw The Wrestler last week and they had this preview before the movie, I had a good laugh at the title. Maybe the first movie to be SOP certified???

And I guess I should watch Fox more often so I can keep up with my sex terms.

Possible topics for my next (actual/real) post: music apps and finding tunes online, changes in the stable, whether or not Forgetting Sarah Marshall will become the first sop certified movie, and a counter-argument to whatever Raymond says about the viaduct, just cuz I likes to f’ with him.

Have a good week yall,

PS: It took a whole year but o’snaps Raymond actually certified Emancipator’s album. I guess miracles do happen.
PSS: WTF is up with wordpress and this formatting. Sorry things are all spaced funky. Maybe it’s time for a new theme…