Get Rich or Die Tryin’

30 04 2010

they say i’m borderline disrespectful, i tell em suck my dick as long as my wrist and neck glow, i put chicks on XO, then show ’em the breast stroke, hurricane dame i splash and let her legs go, far as my checks go, got cribs in escrow, in three years flat i’m crowned king of the west coast. -the game

Sorry for the lack of entertainment, but we’ve been too busy grindin on that paper chase and enjoying the finer things in life to manage this blog. Apologies to our loyal fan(s), we see you. Someday we’ll be back, leaner and meaner.

Until then… enjoy our new anthem: Rick Ross & Triple C’s – Diamonds & Maybachs.



rihanna is not a punching bag, chris

26 09 2009

Hm, so I’ve been sluffin on this blog posting business. My beezy yo. I see my cohorts (linked to the right) have also fallen off the blogosphere. wtf gook in korea?! My motivation has been waning and the white man has been tryin to keep me occupied at work, but its all good (from diego to the bay, your city is the bomb if your city making pay, throw up a finger if you feel the same way, dre puttin it down for californ-i-a), I could never abandon my loyal fan base. I know you guys log on (or check that RSS feed if you’re white and educated) to see what me and t-pain gots to say on the daily son. Read on, for a little glimpse into my world recently…


So a few weeks ago I went on a police ride-along with the SPD-souf precinct AKA the ghetto. Yes, the place you keep hearing about on the news: Rainier Valley, MLK Way, the battle zone for the CD thugs vs the Rainier Beach gangbangers. This was tight cuz I was in the front passenger seat for everything. The regular traffic stop, the hostile traffic stops (involving multiple units and madd weaponry), and the high-speed chases (multiple). I was also chillin up there while we booked this middle-aged Vietnamese lady for DUI. Peepz the pics of her recklessness:


We hit up Subway for lunch (at 1 AM), heard stories about the many crazy people out there, hassled some neeg teens loitering in a park after hours, hassled some gangsters, and searched for gun casings from an apparent drive-by. We also visited Mt Baker to tell some rowdy neegs to quiet down their houseparty. I never knew black people could actually live in Mt Baker.

Conclusion: This is definitely an exciting job, and if I weren’t so trigger-happy, I just might be interested. If I ever did become a cop, there would be an extraordinary rise in racially-motivated shootings. Dark people are scary in the dark, so shoot first and ask questions later right?


Now that summer has come and gone, though the weather has stayed sexy for longer than usual, tis time for the ’09 summer highlights recap:

Ben’s Cabin – AYCE oysters and clams is no joke. We did things man-style and cooked everything on a small charcoal grill (gas is for biiiitches). First night it was burgers and sausages paired with a taste from the rockies, ice-cold Coor’s Light. The next day it was a SeaFest of oysters and clams, and the newly created ClamDogs and ClamBurgers. Suffice to say, both creations were a miserable failure.


At night, while completely sober and in pitch black conditions, we made a short hike to the main street. For some reason this was weird to me, yet very memorable. I started the night sleeping on the carpet next to a soccer ball, then I moved to a lounge chair. Somewhere during this time, the mexican decided to completely destroy the toilet and require the services of a plunger for relief. I hope he learned his lesson.

Much props to Ben for coming through real major, Pablo for pushin the honey-wagon whip, and Brian for toning down the gay. Much hate to the flakers who were not in attendence.

Vegas – Bachelor party. 115 degrees. Caesars. Hot black girl. Bottle service. Tao. Subway. Club XS. Ellis Island. Harrah’s buffet. In-N-Out.

I don’t need to say much else, except that this was a fun trip. Oh, and hot black girl from the PCD section of Caesars casino, please come find me. PLEEEASEEE?! You are tremendously bangin and you made me money. Gah, we should just get married. Oh, and yet again I ended up sleeping in a lounge chair for two nights, wtf?

Hm, thought I had more to write about my summer. This is sad. I guess I could include the return of tpain to the lovely confines of the 206, but I have yet to decide if that’s a highlight or a lowlight… OOOOH SNAPz! Anyways, very solid summer, and better than the year before, but its hard to top 2006 or prior.


Review of recent albums (songs in bold are must-listen):

Colbie Caillat – Breakthrough: Very solid album. I wouldn’t say its better than her first, but its definitely easy to listen to the entire album all the way through. She needs to get crackin on some swanky music videos. Notable tracks: Begin Again, You Got Me, Fallin For You, Rainbow, Droplets, I Never Told You, Fearless, Runnin Around, Break Through, It Stops Today, Lucky (even though Jason Mraz is a gay). Bonus album notables: What I Wanted to Say, Don’t Hold Me Down, and Never Let You Go.

Letoya – Lady Love: All her bangers leaked before her album, so you could say I’m disappointed with this. But with a third of her tracks ranging from good to “hmm, tasty”, this is a slightly above average album. She also needs to get crackin on some sexy music videos with her fine ass self. Notable tracks: She Ain’t Got, Lazy, Not Anymore, Good To Me, Regret, I Need A U, Take Away Love, and Don’t Need U.

Jay-Z – BluePrint 3: Holla atcha boy, Young Hov is back. The leaked singles definitely got me excited for this album. And while Jay-Z may no longer be a lyrical mastermind (eh, his style never completely won me over), he still puts out some very tasty songs. Production from kanye and No ID is what really makes this album. Collabo’s with Mr Hudson (a white guy?!), Rihanna (I bet Jay-Z hit this harder than Chris Brown, but without his hands, naw mean?), Young Jeezy (voice so hoarse, his name should be porsche), Drake (this guy is blowing up faster than tomas’ bout with ghonerrea), and the mighty fine Alicia Keys help as well. I’ll put this one slightly below the Black Album, cuz that thang had some anthems (BRUSH YO SHOULDER OFF NIG!) on it. Notable bangers: Run This Town, Empire State of Mind, Real As It Gets, Already Home, Reminder, Young Forever.

Fabolous – Loso’s Way: Eh. This guy’s style is just really starting to turn me off. He’s starting to sound more like Flo Rida to me, and that is NOT a good look, homie. He’s got some nice collabo’s with Lil Wayne and Ne-Yo, but its apparent that Fabo has fallen off. Or maybe my tastes have changed? NEVAR! Notable bangers: Imma Do It (chorus only), Salute, and Makin Love.

Ace Hood – Ruthless: You’re prob like, yo Rdeezy, who the hell is ace hood? Well, besides his catchy slick name, this guy puts out some real gutta music. Gutta with a capitol G. Yeah, so his ryhmes aren’t sophisticated or thought-provoking, but its quite evident from his small vocabulary, this neeg spits from the heart and his beats are real head-knockers. Drums, snares, and bASS in yo face will have your bumpin this album in your car for days. Notable bangers: Born an OG, Champion, Get Money, Loco with the Cake, Love Somebody, and Overtime.

Mariah Carey – Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel: Quick listen through. Not bad. Will go through it more thoroughly in the coming weeks. Funny thing is the 50 jizzilion versions of her song “Obssessed”. Might she be a bit obsessed with that song? See what I did there? Clever word-play no? Yes. Nod your head.


Here’s some old singles that I forgot to post about (no links for anything, cuz I’m way too lazy):

taylor swift – you belong to me, backstreet boys – soldier down, bsb – all in my head, michelle branch – sooner or later, asia cruise – no thanks to you, chris brown – changed man, marie digby – surrender, jojo – forever in my life, beyonce – poison, beyonce – slow love, atozzio – any day, rich girl – lucky you are, ne-yo – easy, flo rida ft ne-yo – be on you, chris brown – hollow, and mario – highway to love

Here are some newer singles that I’ve been boppin my head to more recently:

colby o’donis – talkin bout us, drake – forever, jojo – wrong man for the job, nivea – look back, omarion ft lil wayne – get it in, jordin sparks – colours, jordin sparks – walk the walk, juvenile – gotta get it, juvenile – hands on you, bsb – this is us, young money – money, beyonce – control, lil eddie – perfect time, toni braxton – i hate love, and toni braxton – yesterday

Toni Braxton and the BACKSTREET BOYS are back!!!

Random fact of the moment: Notepad is awesome, no frou frou ass fonts, formatting, and other bs. I use it all day everyday. And if you don’t know, now you know nigga. Then GI Joe said, “And knowing is half the battle.”

Line of the moment: “it may not mean nothing to y’all, but understand nothing was done for me, so i don’t plan on stopping at all, i want this shiz forever man…”

Before I leave for now, I noticed its apparently cool to post videos again, so enjoy this:

Please believe I will incorporate that into my shit-talking vernacular, niggas. CHILD PLEASE…

Link, because this embedding shit is not working: Stewie – Squiggly Line

That is so true, Stewie. I too have a squiggly line in my eye. My doctor called it a floater. Sometimes when I wake up early, I just lay there in bed trying to look at it. But the squiggly line is evasive and always eludes my focus.

Signin out for now, this is my new alter-ego:


po-po-po-poke her face

17 06 2009

Apologies for the lateness of this post, I’ve been busy depleting the ocean of its shellfish and building an awesome model car (pics to come later). Hopefully this is worth the wait. Let’s start off with some albums I’ve been diggin recently. Songs in bold are must-listens!

Rick Ross – Deeper Than Rap
Notable tracks: Mafia Music, Maybach Music 2, Usual Suspects, Rich Off Cocaine, Lay Back, and In Cold Blood. The BOSSS is back with his gangsta rap. I like bumpin this while driving to work, while doing work at work, and doing work at home… in my bed. Tracks can get you hyped and ready to go slang some rocks. He really shouldn’t be shirt-less in all of his music videos though…

Mat Kearney – City of Black & White
Notable tracks: All I Have, Closer To Love, Here We Go, Lifeline, Runaway Car, Never Be Ready, Annie, and Straight Away. Most of these tracks are good ‘work music’. Just toss on the headphones and play it in the background to drown out them annoying voices and sounds of people actually being productive.

Imogen Heap – Speak For Yourself
Notable Tracks: Headlock, Goodnight and Go, Have You Got it in You, Loose Ends, Hide and Seek, Clear the Area, The Walk, and Just for Now. Yeah I know this album came out in 2005, and I’m hella late, but better late than never right? Seriously the best album I’ve heard in a long time. About the opposite end of the spectrum from the nigga music t-pain loves, but he needs to give this album a try, as do YOU!

Special shouts for two more amazing songs from her that are not on this album: Speeding Cars and Frou Frou – Let Go.

Esmee Denters – Outta Here
Notable Tracks: Victim, Outta Here, Gravity, What If, Getting Over You, Just Can’t Have It, Casanova, Bigger Than the World, and Sad Symphony. The first artist signed to sexy Justin Timberlake’s music label is a youtube sensation. This album features big-name production, so if you like to jock people named Timbaland and Danja, you should peeps it. Originally I gave this a 3/5 stars for bravely trying to copy Jojo’s amazing style. But after some repeated listens, I’ll give her a final tally of 4/5 stars cuz I think I’m hooked.


I haven’t happened upon any bangin hip-hop lately, so here’s some lovely boys and girls R&B music. Scrounge for the links yourselves:

Keri Hilson – Hurts Me (mos def should’ve been on the album. 5/5 starsss)
Brandy – Love Me the Most, Back and Forth
Christina Milian Ft. Kanye – Diamonds (kanye is actually barable)
Monica – Once in a Lifetime (new album coming soon?)
Toni Braxton – Not a Chance, Heart Never Had a Hero (new album coming soon?)
Paula Deanda – Back From Alone (new album coming soon? last one in 06 was a bangHER.)
LeToya – She Ain’t Got Shit on Me (new album coming soon? man she was lookin fiiine in her first music video after she got cut from Destiny’s Child.)

Private Residence

Jaicko Lawrence – Dreaming About You (no idea who this is, but catchy soulja boy beat, without the horrifical soulja boy)
Jaicko Lawrence – Not Tryna Fall In Love (wow, let me proclaim this neeg the next Chris Brown/Ne-Yo, but uglier)
Jay Sean Ft. Lil Wayne – Down (a lil electro-pop for tpain, featuring his fav rapper)
Ne-Yo – Lincoln Continental (sums up how i feel most of the time, but the beat is kind of annoying)
Ryan Teddar – Battlefield (way better than Jordin Sparks version)
Tyrese – Take Me Away (tpain loves the vocoder)
Usher – What’s a Guy to Do (new album coming soon? maybe another video with the HOTTT keri hilson?!)



Just in case any movie producers are reading this blog, here’s a random story about my traveling sweat pants (its contains pictures for the slow kids with ADD):

Recently, something tragic happened to me and my beloved sweat pants. I decided to post about it because my sweats are my friend (and because this blog seems to be lacking content that will draw in new readership). Let me begin this story with a journey way back in time…

It was the year 2001, and I was just a gangsta thug roaming the aisles of a Westfield mall in the heart of Sydney, Australia (yes, black people can travel internationally too). I stumble into a Foot Locker to check what’s poppin off with sneakerheads in the Land Down Under. No sexy shoes to see, but I spot a bombtastic pair of Saucony Athletic sweat pants in my favorite color, GREY. Not gray, not silver, GREY. They have cargo pockets on the side, where I can stash my brown paper bag money, so I knew I had to copz.


Problem is, my paper stackz is low from my daily visits to McDonald’s for soft serve ice cream cones… so I hollur at my momz, and she spots me some bills. I got home and started rockin my sweats with the tags still on. Straight fresh to def like my main man Hugh Hef. Back in Seattle, I rock the sweats everywhere. Out to eat, everyday to school, to kick it with the homies, and to the gym.

Paired with my fav shoes of all-time (grey nike huraches)!
Pls ignore the enormous bulge in the crotch-region, some things just can’t be hidden.

One sad night (July 4th), I made the poor decision to wear my sweats to a roman candle fight. Now I’m not talking about your run of the mill, boogie wack-ass stand 30 ft from each other on some strategic type battle shit. I’m talking about some in yo face, afghani mountain guerilla warfare, 2-on-1 business. Now in battle number three of the night, I’m gettin lit up by two converging enemies when suddenly a stray flaming ball of fury hits my sweat pants just above the right pocket. Hella amped from the action, I continue on double-fisting with roman candles ablazing, unbeknownst to the mini-fire burning a hole through my beloved sweats. Finally alerted to the wildfire, I extinguish the flames with the palm of my hand, Clint Eastwood style, you gook. I had my dad sew a patch over the hole and the pants remain rock-able.


Fast forward to now, and I’ve relegated my sweats to sleepwear. Ask some of the lucky ladies that have joined me in the COCKpit of my sleeping vessle and 7 months out of the year I’m rocking my sweats to bed every night. The wear and tear has begun to show. The sweats no longer fit snugly around my waist, so I have to tug them up with every other step. This has caused the fabric to wear very thin at the ‘pull-up’ points (just imagine where black people hold onto their jeans when they’re running away from the cops).

Fast forward to yesterday, and I’m chillin in the kitchen, cookin up some nice grits and collard greens with a slice of watermelon and grape soda… and my sweats start slippin down. No biggie, this happens all the time. Two hands on my backside, pull up, and the pants should be proper. Except no, this time, things were different. I grasped my sweats firmly, and as I went to lift them up above ass-line (I sag for the homies in prison who can’t do so) I feel a strange poke come through… my finger has tragically pierced through the worn fabric area on my sweats.

Worn fabric area, hole, and patched hole.

In a fit of rage, I remove my sweat pants and toss them to the ground in a disgusted fashion. How could my sweats be ruined? I used Snuggle fabric softner, so you would last a lifetime (and for that hella cute bear). I can’t wear clothes that have more than one hole in them. That crosses the line from gangsta to nigga-poor…

Finally accepting the fact, I picked up my sweats and gently laid them out on a chair. From now on, I’m gonna leave these sweat pants in my car. I’ll be just like Linus from Peanuts, except instead of a blanket, I have my sweat pants. Hate if you want… I just love my sweat pants.



I can’t leave tpain without something to dream about at night, besides him sitting behind me on a Yamaha R6 50th Anniversary motorcycle, so enjoy… the many faces (and bodies) of the caucasian female.

Jennifer Love Hewitt: all-natural beautifulnessnessness.

Blake Lively: meh I don’t think I’m diggin it at all, but tpain might.

Carrie Underwood: damn look at them legs. legs for daaaays son. I’ll take them legs with a side of cole slaw and biscuits… is what a black guy would say. Damn Tony Romo, you are a crazy man for passing on that. Though following it up with Jessica Simpson is like passing on clam chowder for seafood bisque, either way you’re eating good in the neighborhood.

Also, this dude reminds me of my homosexual friend Pablo, who is almost this COOL:




i wanna run… smash into you

18 01 2009

well well well, here we are in 2009. a year me and the homies posted up on the block thought we’d never live to see. we have a black president, a korean LUXURY car, and a white guy as the best player in college football. whadafuc? its enough to make colonel sanders roll over in his grave. what’s next? a mexican guy being the richest man in the world…?

sidebar: i made my own version of the kfc bowl a week ago, complete with mashed potatoes, leftover turkey, corn, gravy, all topped with melted cheese. shizz was like eating slop off a slave’s supper plate. not a good look.


first off, let me start this legendary post by taking y’all on a journey… back, waaaay back… through 2008:

things started off well as i began daily driving the beast. many good times were shared between me and the bumblebee/sebastien/pedobear. then i had to move outs the house to stack the scrilla. this meant changing clothes for work, not napping at my discretion, no more morning trips on the ‘silver bullet train’ and commuting like a mo’focker. wackz for sure.

next up came glory glory for MAN U as they won both the Champions League AND the EPL title, solidifying their spot as the best team on the entire planet. the beautiful one (cristiano) gets madd recognition and picks up the Ballon d’or and Fifa Player of the Year awards… solidifying his spot as the best player on the entire planet!

during the summer I rediscovered my passion for bikes… bicycles that is. madd trips were taken around the city and hopefully it will start again once the all-mighty Allah stops punishing us with this horrid weather.
lastly the two main highlights of the year, madd awesome trips to both norcal and socal. good friends, tasty foods, and delightful sights were taken in on both trips, and the memories will be everlasting… like my love-making sessions.

fasty chinaman reppin nike in DT SF

tastiest chicken strips i’ve ever ingested, even those chicken strips are for gwei los

sexy venice beach without the breezies 
pbeezy squirtin off in some hole mexi-style

carls jr, a poor replacement for the ultimate delight: in-n-out

next up: Japan and Korea!

now that 2009 has settled in, we can take a look ahead and see what the new year shall bring (although 09 doesn’t really start until 1/26, gong hay fat choy biiitches). this year i shall resolve to:

– make some tight beats
– make the beast more awesome
– gain some useful professional skills to become more ‘corporate and marketable’ [read: white] like tpain
– overall… be a better me

since i’m in a reflective type of mood, and muzik is a definite smash or pass topic, let’s review the sounds that 08 presented my ears.
*disclaimer yet again that my choosings are biased towards the year end and these are the albums/tracks that got the most air time with me.*

my choice for the top 3 albums of the year:
– beyonce – i am sasha fierce
– emancipator – soon it will be cold enough
– ne-yo – year of the gentleman
honorable mentions go out to: usher – here i stand & brandy – human

my choice for the top 3 songs of the year:
– beyonce – smash into you

– emancipator – when i go, good knight, or shook (tough choice)
– usher ft. beyonce & lil wayne – love in this club remix

and just because i’m angry, the top 3 most disapointing artists of the year:
– lil wayne for following up the amazingly outstanding carter II with a horrible slurring auto-tuned piece of crap. (exceptions being lollipop, got money, and let the beat build)
– keri hilson for producing madd tantalizing collabos and singles, but delaying the shiz out of her debut album.
– kanye west for thinkin he could produce an EMO rap album comprising sappy lyrics, non-banging beats, and more fockin singing auto-tune. (exception for the chorus on  ‘see you in my nightmares‘ ft Lil Weezy) leave the robot voice to t-pain and lady gaga!

DUN DUN DUHHH (that was a dramatic drumroll kids), we have two new inductions into the SorP certified bangers list… which was previously just one song?

1. congrats to beyonce for the amazing song ‘smash into you’. this track has been on replay for months at home, in the car, and at work. next time yous alone, crank the volume up, and try NOT to sing your fockin lungs out… go get ’em B!
2. big standing ovation for emancipator and his ridiculously chillax album ‘soon it will be cold enough’. this beats-only album is the perfect at-work or love-making music. just press play and let the tracks roll and head nodding begin. each track is a banger, except for ‘smoke signals’… cuz i don’t get down with animal sounds in beats. madd props to tpain for discovering this and forcing me to give it a try.

also, as promised in my last post, here’s a snapz of another pair of kicks i copped. i apologize in advance to ben(D over) for not sporting fruity ass electro colors or in other words, sir john elton-type gear.


its time to end this truly epic post, but i must leave you with what you most likely came here for. some of that tasty eye candy baby…

freida pinta (7.5/10) – cuuute pic, pretty pretty, but a little lacking in the body dept. also, could there be madd furriness hidden beneath those clothes?

kristen bell vs mila kunis (who knew she could be hot?)

sidebar: Forgetting Sarah Marshall – possibly the best movie of 2008, a definite must see… unlike batman.

kristen bell (8/10) – hot pose, hot clothes, and a mirror makes a definite hottt pic. cute face AND body, mmmZ break me off a piece of that!

mila kunis (7/10) – awesomely sexy in the movie. almost makes me want to watch the 70’s show re-runs. hotter in the movie than in pics, but still more bangin than your gf… fo’sho.

vanessa simmons (8/10) – jungle fever strikes again! bangin body, but a little lackin in the face dept. kind of a keri hilson look-a-like. bet you bitches will be blowin up google searchin for more of her pics. (sorry, can’t resize for some reason)

late breaking addition to the post: a hilarious vid passed on by e-mille. this is a real nig i wanna be homies with. had me rolllllin in the beginning yo.

next post: opinionated commentary on the new viaduct replacement tunnel. hopefully you have peeped all the links in this post as it took me ages to find them. till next time kiddos…


can you see my reflection?

17 10 2008

right off the bat, one of the best video/song combos i’ve seen/heard in a while… def gotta watch it all the way through. mmm, and muchos kudos to beyonce for lookin classy and delicious at the same time.

beyonce – if i were a boy (linkdafied)

man there’s been quite a musical drought lately, so i’m glad i stumbled across this. the ne-yo album and some shitty rap has been the only things blazing the airwaves at work. fockin keri hilson got delayed yet again. ‘turn off’ with lil wayne is a hot bangin joint though. speakin of bangin…

don’t forget to celebrate Halloween by checking out the latest edition of Saw V, starring the ONE and ONLY Meagan Good! obligatory visual reference:

look how i kept it SFW for Eric and those baby-children he browses the internet in front of. big shouts to east asia, which currently houses a few of the homies. too bad y’all are gonna miss LOS ANGELES 2008 with guest appearances by yours truly, tpain-izzle, and el conquistador pablo. we’ll be sure to pour some out for you biiitches.

i got bored, so peepz some new kicks. i keep it gangsta at work with my icy white AF1s. then stunt on them niggas on the court with my black on black nikes.


next time, i’ll hit y’all with pics of my new grey NB 991’s. the official shoe of the white man (and steve jobs). fock i’ve been wasting AND losing wayyy too much money recently like i’m a real niglet.

back to my fuckin cse hw and drawing concentric circles with java, cuz i strive to be more smarter like tpain (my hero).


if you got money…

18 09 2008

… and you know it, take it out your pocket and show it, then throw it like BLAOW!

maaan things on the Street are crazy right now son. buy/sell/short/call… what to do?! these are some unprecedented times in the financial sector and the impacts are affecting you, me, and even tpain. im gonna come out and say i def do not agree with the bailouts of these huge financial institutions, but i cant really offer a better solution. if we dont bail them out, millions of people could lose their money/jobs/insurance. but how are they going to pick and choose who gets bailed out (aig/fmac/fmae) and who goes bankrupt (lehman bros/indymac)?! i smell something fishy going on with the Fed (the federal reserve, for you dark-skinned folk) and its got me worried. has been my most visited site these past few weeks. now… time to make my time make me money, bitche$$$.

in other news, curly hair is wack. and i’m not talking about the down south stuff (cuz its still better to trim the forest, than scorch the earth barren). i’m talkin about curly hairstyles for girls. pretty much no hot girl can rock curly hair and maintain their ‘hot girl’ status. case in point, this breezy i just saw last night on the show House (which is uber gay, but i digress): Olivia Wilde

curly hair:


and i rest my case. now if anyone would like to dispute this curly hair wackness, please provide visual evidence and we shall see.

the boys are back! so the new season of Entourage has started and so far, there’s more positive than negative. the season premiere was a solid episode with hearty laughs around; whereas, the second episode, was much more dull and didn’t really push the storyline in any direction. regardless, someone needs to tell mark walhberg to bring Sloan back… merely an excuse to post a pic f’sho! mm mm ‘licious.

so who wants to go to la-la-land? i gots vacation and i gots to use it. i’m thinkin december-ish. the nig (tpain) is offering complementary room and board along with a free night on the town. fock, we might even get on that TMZ if we’re lucky….

muziks update: if you haven’t already, go copz that new TI paper trail album and that colby o’donis album. both have some bangers that keep your third leg snappin to the beat. lastly, tpain and i have finally found another CERTIFIED BANGERT.I. ft. Usher – My Life, Your Entertainment. if youre not feelin that, you should find another blog to read, as you obviously have horrible taste in everything. smilez. im. out.


my breath smells like cat food

23 07 2008

Two posts in two days… shiz i’m on fire like t-pain’s crab-infested crotch.

Anyways, I was drivin to work today in silence, as my radio is currently uninstalled, so it gave me plenty of time to think, and listen to that man-like growl of 2.0 liters of fury. My mind wanders near and far whenever things are quiet and the random topics range usually from the next day’s tasks, to foodz i want, to breezies that are… ahem.

Today I recalled a conversation I had with a coworker about spilt oil or whatnot. Random yes, but it led me to realize, that I have yet to name my car. He named his car Murphy, which is unique, but it reminds me of the Smurfs for some reason. I previously tossed out the nickname Bumblebee, cuz of the awesome Transformers movie. Seeing as how it was kind of already taken and not very creative at all, I had to get the juices following (creative juices that is) and sparx up something fantasmic! I finally decided to go the awesome route and name my car… drumroll please… RALPH! Like this nig here:

Save the applause till the end, but yeah, I know its great. Now whenever people ask what whip I’m pushin, I can point at the beast and say, “Yeah that’s my Ralph over there.” Also, whoever can make stickers, please create the one below for me, so I can represent gangsta-style…

Also just for giggles, this almost made me ROFLMAO on tha real:

That’s it for today, and the rest of this week. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll be blessed with a post from the dark one sometime soon. Lastly, since the season is almost upon us, I leave you with this… obama who? GET OUT AND VOTE!

-pedobear OUTz