Imma Let You Finish

20 09 2009

Man, I’m sure most people are sick of hearing about it by now…but Kanye West…dude cracks me the f’ up. The whole meme that’s started also makes me lolz, I was hopin it was going to turn into one and the internetz didn’t disappoint. That’s about all I’ve got to say on this.

Finally got around to checkin out some new music. I think I’m going through a phase of feelin the manufactured, guilty-pleasure, top 40 pop right now. Anyways, here’s some of what I’ve been listening to lately.

Blue Scholars-OOF EP. Sure most of you heard this/about it by now. Personal fav would have to be New People. Glad to hear they’re continuing to switch things up (and not sounding like crap).

Tsunenori-Asunaro. Hella hard to remember song name and artist name. Been a while since I got some stuff from Japan that was on point to this degree. Some good chill stuff on their latest album Promising. This would be me favorite song off the album at the moment. Warning to those with Raymond-ish/boring tastes, there is little talk on this album.

Stuck in my head stuff. Jason DeRulo-Watcha Say: JR really got a catchy sample from that Imogen Heap song, yes yes hate all you want but that song is fuckin mad stuck in my head right now. If you want a similar sounding song check out Replay by some dude named IYAZ, basically the skinny Sean Kingston (who happens to be another person JR produces for. I’m guessing JR made bank off that dude, so why not do it again I guess). Also Jay Sean-Down ft. Lil Wayne has been stuck in my head, no comment on this one, I’m sure you’ve probably heard it on the radio. Note: this does not mean I’m becoming a Lil Weezy fan.

Leona Lewis-Happy. Leona teams up again with Ryan Tedder, another smash???? I would have to say no, we’ll see what Raymond has to say though. Sometimes I think that nig uses a Magic 8 ball to determine if he likes a song or not so who knows what he’ll say. (Song starts at 1:00)

Alicia Keys-Doesn’t Mean Anything. Not bad, lil’ piano, uptempo-ish beat.

Brother Ali-US Album. The whitest white rapper is back. I’m still just gettin through this one. Worth checkin out from what I’ve listened to so far.

Its been pretty slow this summer in terms of new releases, I’ve still got Keri Hilson in the deck wtf. I believe this fall things should be pickin up a bit though. New Mariah (congrats on finally NOT naming an album like you’re 12), Alicia, Sean Kingston, Way out West (bout time), Leona Lewis, John Mayer (bout time again), Katherine McPhee, Memphis Bleek (damn, dude is still around? …and rapping? whoa), Lil Wayne (don’t count on it, this’ll probably be pushed to 2010. Nig flakes harder than Raymond on a Saturday night), Backstreet Boys, and oh snapz, Mr. Hudson is releasing an album. Things sound promising for the next few months.

Damn, I just realized this blogs been around for almost two years. Jeebus. I wonder if “White girls with booty” is still the most popular post. Note to self, title next post something sexual and get mad hits.

Finally a lil northwest tip. The new Bravern in Bellevue. Paaassssssss son. Well…might be a good place for Raymond to go catch his cougar.

<insert kanye west meme here>,




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