I am T-Pain. Lol that app cracks me up.

7 09 2009

Mark your calendars peeps! November 10th. Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2. NOVEMBER. ONE. ZERO. Shiaaaaaaat. If you don’t see any posts from me in November… December… January…… or 2010 at all it’ll probably be because of this and maybe Starcraft 2. Damn I’ve been to too many video game conventions this year. Note to anyone listening, booth babes are overhyped. Its all a matter of “relativity”, crapz is that even the word I’m lookin for? Anyways when the ratio is 200:1 and the girl is not a whale she is probably lookin at least decent in an environment like that. So don’t bother going to conventions to look at the booth babes, at least anymore. All the old timers always talk about how things used to be…but they also do that about pretty much everything else. One other thing about gaming conventions, bring uh some lotion, scented lotion preferably. Why? Because those things be gettin mad funky sometimes and a bit of lotion on the upper lip can help mask the smell of thousands of people that don’t have regular shower schedules. Oh, while we are on the subject of games (and lotion) I wanted to congratulate my blogger buddy Ray on his reaching level 55 in cod4. Nice son, I thought you’d given up. Well that’s enough of the gamer talk for now, feel free to visit the Mex to the Max blog for more/real gaming talk.

So with my birthday coming up and all just thought I’d tell you all about my new favorite clothing brand, you know just in case. Its called Ed Hardy by (theee man) Christian Audigier. That shts like having a giant dope tattoo but its on your shirt so A) it’s on your clothes instead of under them so everyone can see it much more easily and B) a few years from now you won’t be like WTF was I thinking and have to pay $10000 to get that ugly shiat removed. Seriously, I don’t think anyone can pull off that brand, not even the dark ones and they can pull off anything. Well that’s what I used to think until I saw Ed Hardy on a black person. Here’s an example of the brand, just in case anyone doesn’t know what I’m talking about. I’m sure you’ve seen someone wearing it around, you probably just thought god that’s ugly and then forgot about it.


Don’t look too long or you might get a headache. One more example…just so Ray can stop hating on me for not having a picture of a girl in my posts.


Guess this just proves even more that once you get a celebrity to wear your crap people will follow. I’m sure a couple years from now we’ll be like Ed Hardy, oh I remember that, LOL. Until then we’ll just have to suffer through it together. Oh and if you do own some Ed Hardy stuff and this offended you…hmmmmm. Ok.

Lets seee, other stuff I said I’d post…Sloan certification. Eh, Raymond can you take care of this? I’m writing this post in bed right now and too lazy. Maybe I’ll just do it in my next post.

Til next time,

PS: Anyone wanna hit up FurryCon 2010?




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