My name’s T-Pain and I have a blog…

18 08 2009

…that I’m not very good at posting on. Its been a hectic few months since my last post, sorry about the lack of anything from me. Luckily Raymond has been keepin things goin with some activity (fock, seems like I’m always sayin that). I’ll just say growin up kinda sucks sometimes, things aren’t so black and white like they were back in the day. No worries though life’s good and things have a funny way of always workin themselves out in the end.

So…onto my post. I’m puttin in a call for a new header photo for our blog. Any ideas anyone? Minka Kelley pic? Or Sloan perhaps? Raymond’s whip? Which btw I still haven’t had a chance to drive. How about hmmmmmm, photo of Seattle? Eh who knows. Maybe a complete redesign is in order. Anyways, I’m thinkin its time to change up the header pic not because its getting old or any less sexy but because that little bicycle is no longer in my possession…yup focking took me forever to finally put her up on the craigslist but yea, sold her last Monday.

So lets go back, waaaaaaaaay back-to 2006 for a lil recap on my experiences owning a motorcycle. Lets see, took the motorcycle safety training class I think in February or something-by myself (the two who flaked on me shall remain nameless for now). Highly recommended as the best way to get your endorsement FYI. I guess I told my parents it was for me to become a better automobile driver??? Haha, wow. Anyways, the itch finally got to me and I got a bike in November, a little Ninja 250. Awesome first bike I think. I had that thing for about 5 months, put a few thousand miles on it and sold it for about $500 more than I bought it for. Cha-ching or “stackin’ them chips” as some of you would say. Next it was onto the 2007 R6. Man I remember riding that thing off the lot that first day, must have had the hugest, goofy-ass grin on my face ever. Luckily no one could see my retarded self under the helmet. Such a difference goin from the Ninja to that. Over the next couple years or so I logged a lot of miles on that thing just hittin up roads around the northwest (St. Helens, Neah Bay, 101, Myst, on and on). I keep trying to convince the gaymond to take the mr2 out on those roads but to no avail. Man, those days of gettin up at 6 or 7 for a Sunday morning ride and hittin the road before anyone else is really out of bed were awesome. Pretty much silence out there except for the bike at those times and you have the roads all to yourself. I’ll probably miss doin those more than anything else. Night rides, especially group night rides were also a blast. Anyways, good memories and I consider myself fortunate to have made it for as long as I did without f’in myself up. There were some close calls there for sure. I kept my gear so I could probably end up with another bike someday down the line, we’ll see. In the meantime I’m gonna try to get back into snowboarding, I gotta have some kind of hobby that gets me outside (otherwise I’ll never hear the end of it from my mom).

Big change up on the technologies front too. I’ve decided to move over into the land of the Mac for a little while just to see how things are. Don’t worry I won’t be on Steve Jobs’s nuts anytime soon. Just figured I’ve done the Windows thing for a while and the Linux thing; might as well try the Apple now. So my next post will probably be comin at you from some small independent coffee shop while I sip my chai-latte and look down at all the eewwwwwwie pc users around me. I will also rock the nerd glasses while I do this. Maybe an extra small t-shirt from Urban Outfitters, can’t forget the skinny jeans either. Hipster for life son.

Not too much on the musica front lately, I’ve been mad sluffin’. Hopefully I’ll get back on it in time for my next post. DJ Okawari dropped a new album recently, couple stand outs for me so far are Luv Letter and Evening Comes 2. The new Nomak, Musik & Foto is pretty good too. Should I even bother to peep the latest Eminem? Anyone? Yeah I know that ish came out mad long ago but I haven’t had much motivation to even look into it. Anything I’ve heard about it hasn’t been good…at all. Speaking of bad albums, I wonder when the next Lil Wayne disc is coming out, Raymond???

I’ll try and get another post together in the next month and get back into the habbit of regular posts (has that ever been a habit for me actually?).

-t out

PS: possible topics for next time: a little reflection on the City of Angels, Sloan certification, my new favorite clothing brand, random ranting, and maybe stories about my good friend who happens to be a reindeer.

PSS: I realized there’s no media in this post, so here’s a lil clip to check out from my favorite actor, haha.




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