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19 03 2009

She’s back! Miss Keri, baby.


News of her album droppin on 3/24 was music to my ears, just like her album is… music to my ears. Yes, her album in its entirety has leaked again. Find your own link or copz it in stores. I feel kind of bad, cuz apparently that’s what delayed her album in the first place, but you know how I do.

After watching the following video, her hotness is obviously on that beyonce/a-keys level, if not higher (that’s Meagan Good territory). Certify me with that Jungle Fever stamp, son!

Imagine waking up next to that every day. GAH!

So after listenin through ‘In A Perfect World’ a few times and other previously leaked tracks, here’s what pops off as Miss Keri’s notable bangers:

On the album: Knock You Down, Intuition, Change Me (Prob second best ‘new’ song on the album), Energy, and Where Did He Go. Pretty much every song is at least decent, except Set Your Money Up and Return the Favor. Timbaland is fallin off…

Not on the album: Mic Check (how is this NOT on the album?!?), Do It, Control Me, Luv Ya, What Channel, Turnin Me On Remix Ft. T-Pain & Lil Wayne (wayyy better than the original), and Promise in the Dark.

Honorable mention: Wrong When You’re Gone. Apparently she wrote this song for JLo and sang a sample of it (cuz JLo can’t sing for shiz). Well the snippet leaked and she obv KILT it; whereas JLo’s version sucks toes. Please re-record this and put it out baby! JLo’s version for reference: puertoricanssuckdicks.

Best new track (best click the link son!): Alienated. Its prob the hottest track from her since ‘Energy’ and I’ve had it on repeat non-stop. Real classic love-in-the-summer banger. Beat, lyrics, and vocals are all on point. The song even ends well with a nice little ding-ding-do-dou-do-ding-ding.

Random pic of Meagan Good… cuz there was too much dense text. She’s hottt in nig & white photo. 🙂

Its March Madness time snigs. Please believe my Thursday/Friday will comprise chatting/trash talking online (cuz my coworkers ain’t down for the crown) and monitoring all day. I’ve posted one of my NCAA brackets for all the world to see. I suggest you fill one out and see if you can beat me. These predictions are pretty much a guessing game, and they’re easier to do than pummeling t-pain at Gears of War 2.

THE NCAA Bracket 2009 This is a link cuz homoWordpress doesn’t support .bmp files. WTF?

Speaking of gow2, this game is ridiculously addictive. Its like sex with crack, mixed with a bit of meth on the side. No lie. I’ve been tempted to just stay home from work and play gow2 all day and eat pistachio crackers with kool-aid. I imagine that how’s these mo’fockers that be killin me constantly get sooo good.

The verdict is in on Minka Kelly… PIZZ-ASS. I mean, well, not pass. Please believe I would smash that if I found her laying in my bed/chair/ground/passenger seat, but she’s nothing more than a poor man’s Emmanuelle Chiriqui. And if you don’t know, now you know…


Since t-pain had the courage to bring up a breezy for voting, I shall do the same. Hello y’all, please meet Megan Fox (two pics, cuz she’s worth the extra download time).



Well, she’s not exactly unknown, but I think she has a good chance of being certified as A) she’s crazy FOXy, B) she was in an animated film t-pain adores, and C) she’s not black. t-pain despises girls of his own color. self-racism is a bitch.

Just cuz I gots the time, I’ll provide one more candidate for SorP certification. I know she’s already a strong candidate cuz she’s part Chinese, which is t-pain’s kryptonite. Just like mine’s are fried foods, fast women, and pandas. Mmm Kelly Hu. You make me want to sit in the dark and watch re-runs of Nash Bridges all night long. By the way, that show was focking awesome.


Don’t forget to check out new episodes of the best hak-gwei show on tv right now: The Game. Hopefully it won’t be the next in the long line of black comedies to get cancelled. 😦

Before I leave, big shouts to the nig for holding it down in LA. Them pics of the PCH are sweet. Next time i’ll post the vid of me and El Spic-o riding dirty on that freeway. Props on the new wHip too. Glad you got the 19s to make the ladies swoon; and the leather, so the breezies won’t stain the interior. Don’t sweat the popo’s down there vato, i’m sure they’re just jealous seeing a dark-skinned nig pushin that sweet black ass. wtf am i even talking about anymore?

Must be time to end this, till next time SNEEgroes…

-mr. RAYsin




4 responses

30 03 2009

mmmmmm, you should check out Bruce Willis’ new fiance. Landing that woman even if he’s filthy rich deserves respect. And yes Ms. Hilson’s album has some cuts…tho a few are passes. kk

30 03 2009

6 04 2009

I am finsta cop that Keri Hilson, I keep forgetting to do so. Also, Tomas be riding in class with that sedan, Mr. Executive Darkness.

30 12 2009


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