jigga what?

17 03 2009

Just some random stuff for this post. Guess I was waiting to come across something of substance to write about but nothing really materialized. So I’m just gonna jump around here.

So I finally gave in and got a car last month (and have gotten 4 parking tickets already, more on that later). Getting from Hollywood to Venice on the bus was gettin real old. Here is a pic from the top of the garage where I park her.


Hopefully I’ll get some better ones when I figure out where my tripod is. Commute still takes 40-60 minutes one way but no more smelly bus rides or worrying that I’m gonna get shot, which happened on some bus on Crenshaw a couple weeks ago, which is the street I was catching my second bus on. Now everyday on my way in instead, I just think about skipping my exit and staying on the freeway which in a couple miles goes to the coast and the PCH.

IE this:

and further up the road this:

One day I’ll do it again…

Also I’ve decided to get rid of the bike. After a too close encounter with a F150 and a driver who didn’t want to stop after his lil’ love tap, I figured its probably time. Not having a real garage down here sucks and people are just too crazy on the roads. No regrets with the bike though and I think I’ll get another one someday down the road, just time for a break. R1 next maybe? 1098? Dualsport? Who knows. I’ll probably end up on a Harley. Jeebus, please sock me in the face if that does happen. Pics of the R6 for reference.



Back to parking tickets. As a public service announcement to anybody: LA meter maids are bizzatches. I’ve gotten 4 tickets now for not having plates. How come I don’t have plates? Because I just got the car, if you bothered to look on the dash where my temp registration is exactly where its supposed to be you’d know that. So LA isn’t so strict about speeding like they bees in the Seatown but man they make up for it with parking tickets. First ticket I got down here about six months ago was for leaving the bike in a no-parking 10am-12pm zone. I got the ticket at 10:04am. Ugg.

What else…oh, so I rented this highly hyped (by our co-blogger) movie called “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and… it will not be getting SOP certified. There were some funny moments and Miss Kuniz was lookin good but its not on the required top level for certification. I think Raymond is just really in love with the guy from How I Met Your Mother and in this movie you see ALL of him.

Something, err someone I do think we should certify though. One of the actresses from Friday Night Lights, Minka Kelly. Snaps son. Its been a while since I had anything to add to the “breezies” section so you know this had to be good. I’ll let the pics speak for themselves.




I’d been hearin about this show for a while and finally caught a few episodes, worth checking out (for more than the above) if you enjoy dramas.

I’ll close it out with a few excepts from recent conversations w/my co-blogger. He entertains me like Mr. Chi City. The day is quite a bit more boring when he isn’t online, which luckily isn’t too often. Names changed upon request to protect the innocent, haha. Like no one knows who he is. Also this is the name he requested to be used.

BigNig: do they block porn sites out there?
Lee: ummm yeah i think so
they regulate a lot of stuff
BigNig: try googling baby sex or something
and see what happens

BigNig: damn that sounds fun
link me up to the ad when you post it
me: aight
don’t think it will match your snow one tho
BigNig: yous silly
like a goose
beenie babies
big boppers
me: yous mad random sometimes
BigNig: man i feel like michael phelps right now
if i knew what that felt like, i imagine its like now

BigNig: oh man, i better be careful
i just went to the bathroom and on my way there, i saw this old guy i usually say hi, hows it going to and today for some reason, i saluted him, and said how goes it good thing it was like an army salute, and not like a hitler one

me: how’s miss hilson
and you’re teasin me with a new blog post?
or telling me to post
BigNig: BOTh
she’s resting
i just ‘chris brown’ed her

BigNig: outro
see you tonight hopefully
if im not on xbl
pls call me
as i may have died or something

me: what does that mean
BigNig: i dunno
sometimes i say shit
and it doesnt mean anything

Til next time-which might be a while, I’m on a mission to get to the top rank on COD4. And yea, Fuck that GOW game. I said it.





One response

2 05 2009

sad…no more donorcycle, I had hoped to get a ride on the back before you wised up and got rid of it. glad you’re doing well down in LA bro

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