26 01 2009

Just a quick one, I blame GOW2 for the lack of writing in this post. Straight to the music we go…

Michael Franti & Spearhead-Hey World


Aeroc-Blue Eyed Bitter
Just a random track I got from some sampler.

Kenmochi Hidefumi-Falliccia
More stuff from Hydeout/Japan. Yeaaah boy!

John Legend-Everybody Knows

Chamillionaire-Mixtape Messiah 6

TI ft. Akon-Hero

The Game ft. Anthony Hamilton – Hustler’s Dream
Not a big Game fan but he’s not too bad here. Wish the chorus was different though.

Kiley Dean-Days Go By
Guess this was some album from 2003 that never got released. If you like JoJo and stuff like that than you might like this, Raymond is the expert with this kind of music so I’ll have to see what he thinks. I had to go look up the sample cuz I couldn’t place it; Dilated Peoples, Ludacris, Young Jeezy and some others used it just in case anyone was wondering like me.

Full Album-“Simple Girl”

Beyonce – Save The Hero
A few tracks that supposedly didn’t make it onto Sasha Fierce. Best of the bunch for me would be the second one, Save The Hero.

Also, I saw The Wrestler last week and they had this preview before the movie, I had a good laugh at the title. Maybe the first movie to be SOP certified???

And I guess I should watch Fox more often so I can keep up with my sex terms.

Possible topics for my next (actual/real) post: music apps and finding tunes online, changes in the stable, whether or not Forgetting Sarah Marshall will become the first sop certified movie, and a counter-argument to whatever Raymond says about the viaduct, just cuz I likes to f’ with him.

Have a good week yall,

PS: It took a whole year but o’snaps Raymond actually certified Emancipator’s album. I guess miracles do happen.
PSS: WTF is up with wordpress and this formatting. Sorry things are all spaced funky. Maybe it’s time for a new theme…




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