i wanna run… smash into you

18 01 2009

well well well, here we are in 2009. a year me and the homies posted up on the block thought we’d never live to see. we have a black president, a korean LUXURY car, and a white guy as the best player in college football. whadafuc? its enough to make colonel sanders roll over in his grave. what’s next? a mexican guy being the richest man in the world…?

sidebar: i made my own version of the kfc bowl a week ago, complete with mashed potatoes, leftover turkey, corn, gravy, all topped with melted cheese. shizz was like eating slop off a slave’s supper plate. not a good look.


first off, let me start this legendary post by taking y’all on a journey… back, waaaay back… through 2008:

things started off well as i began daily driving the beast. many good times were shared between me and the bumblebee/sebastien/pedobear. then i had to move outs the house to stack the scrilla. this meant changing clothes for work, not napping at my discretion, no more morning trips on the ‘silver bullet train’ and commuting like a mo’focker. wackz for sure.

next up came glory glory for MAN U as they won both the Champions League AND the EPL title, solidifying their spot as the best team on the entire planet. the beautiful one (cristiano) gets madd recognition and picks up the Ballon d’or and Fifa Player of the Year awards… solidifying his spot as the best player on the entire planet!

during the summer I rediscovered my passion for bikes… bicycles that is. madd trips were taken around the city and hopefully it will start again once the all-mighty Allah stops punishing us with this horrid weather.
lastly the two main highlights of the year, madd awesome trips to both norcal and socal. good friends, tasty foods, and delightful sights were taken in on both trips, and the memories will be everlasting… like my love-making sessions.

fasty chinaman reppin nike in DT SF

tastiest chicken strips i’ve ever ingested, even those chicken strips are for gwei los

sexy venice beach without the breezies 
pbeezy squirtin off in some hole mexi-style

carls jr, a poor replacement for the ultimate delight: in-n-out

next up: Japan and Korea!

now that 2009 has settled in, we can take a look ahead and see what the new year shall bring (although 09 doesn’t really start until 1/26, gong hay fat choy biiitches). this year i shall resolve to:

– make some tight beats
– make the beast more awesome
– gain some useful professional skills to become more ‘corporate and marketable’ [read: white] like tpain
– overall… be a better me

since i’m in a reflective type of mood, and muzik is a definite smash or pass topic, let’s review the sounds that 08 presented my ears.
*disclaimer yet again that my choosings are biased towards the year end and these are the albums/tracks that got the most air time with me.*

my choice for the top 3 albums of the year:
– beyonce – i am sasha fierce
– emancipator – soon it will be cold enough
– ne-yo – year of the gentleman
honorable mentions go out to: usher – here i stand & brandy – human

my choice for the top 3 songs of the year:
– beyonce – smash into you

– emancipator – when i go, good knight, or shook (tough choice)
– usher ft. beyonce & lil wayne – love in this club remix

and just because i’m angry, the top 3 most disapointing artists of the year:
– lil wayne for following up the amazingly outstanding carter II with a horrible slurring auto-tuned piece of crap. (exceptions being lollipop, got money, and let the beat build)
– keri hilson for producing madd tantalizing collabos and singles, but delaying the shiz out of her debut album.
– kanye west for thinkin he could produce an EMO rap album comprising sappy lyrics, non-banging beats, and more fockin singing auto-tune. (exception for the chorus on  ‘see you in my nightmares‘ ft Lil Weezy) leave the robot voice to t-pain and lady gaga!

DUN DUN DUHHH (that was a dramatic drumroll kids), we have two new inductions into the SorP certified bangers list… which was previously just one song?

1. congrats to beyonce for the amazing song ‘smash into you’. this track has been on replay for months at home, in the car, and at work. next time yous alone, crank the volume up, and try NOT to sing your fockin lungs out… go get ’em B!
2. big standing ovation for emancipator and his ridiculously chillax album ‘soon it will be cold enough’. this beats-only album is the perfect at-work or love-making music. just press play and let the tracks roll and head nodding begin. each track is a banger, except for ‘smoke signals’… cuz i don’t get down with animal sounds in beats. madd props to tpain for discovering this and forcing me to give it a try.

also, as promised in my last post, here’s a snapz of another pair of kicks i copped. i apologize in advance to ben(D over) for not sporting fruity ass electro colors or in other words, sir john elton-type gear.


its time to end this truly epic post, but i must leave you with what you most likely came here for. some of that tasty eye candy baby…

freida pinta (7.5/10) – cuuute pic, pretty pretty, but a little lacking in the body dept. also, could there be madd furriness hidden beneath those clothes?

kristen bell vs mila kunis (who knew she could be hot?)

sidebar: Forgetting Sarah Marshall – possibly the best movie of 2008, a definite must see… unlike batman.

kristen bell (8/10) – hot pose, hot clothes, and a mirror makes a definite hottt pic. cute face AND body, mmmZ break me off a piece of that!

mila kunis (7/10) – awesomely sexy in the movie. almost makes me want to watch the 70’s show re-runs. hotter in the movie than in pics, but still more bangin than your gf… fo’sho.

vanessa simmons (8/10) – jungle fever strikes again! bangin body, but a little lackin in the face dept. kind of a keri hilson look-a-like. bet you bitches will be blowin up google searchin for more of her pics. (sorry, can’t resize for some reason)

late breaking addition to the post: a hilarious vid passed on by e-mille. this is a real nig i wanna be homies with. had me rolllllin in the beginning yo.

next post: opinionated commentary on the new viaduct replacement tunnel. hopefully you have peeped all the links in this post as it took me ages to find them. till next time kiddos…





3 responses

19 01 2009

i like how you used “spot as the best … on the planet” twice in the same paragraph. although i guess it does get your point across that manu and the boy wonder ronaldo are the greatest things in futbol.
i hope in your next post you will rain down a shit storm of hate on the new viaduct replacement tunnel. if not, ill have to kindly ask you to join me on xbl so i can smash your cole train’s face in.


19 01 2009

also are those bones in the basket of so called chicken strips? and your taste in women never disappoints. good lookin out.

19 01 2009

this blog was worth the wait. I dunno what ‘tpain’ did you open your eyes to the eye candy of pure beats, but kudos to him on that…it’s been a while since we’ve been able to kick back to the same shit…since our carpooling days to NSCC? Sounds like you’re holding it down back home though despite the dismal economy, look forward to reminiscing upon my trip back. I always got a spot reserved for you at my place in Korea when you roll through. Pzpz…

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