Adventures with El Jose Metro

14 01 2009

Its goin on five weeks now of riding the bus from Hollywood to Venice and its gettin old, actually its been pretty weak since day one. I’m missin the days when it was a 15 minute ride to Burbank; only one bus to take, never crowded, and never really dirty. Now its 3-4 hours a day, two busses, usually packed, and usually it smells. One thing I’ve noticed, the bus drivers in LA are for the most part a lot worse than their Seattle counterparts. I had one guy eating his dinner while he drove us around and another who was talking on his cellphone the whole time without a headset and then yelled at a passenger when they told him he should get one. Hilariousness. Another thing that sucks, transfers are basically useless. No one honors anyone else’s transfer, wtf. Since I have to take LA “RapidTransit” to LA “Metro” and sometimes the Santa Monica line its like $5 a day to take the bus. No wonder everyone has a car down here. I’ll end my rant there, sorry.

Not really sure why I like this song…actually I’m not even sure if I like it anymore.

Prolyphic & Reanimator – Two Track Mind

Give ’em a couple listens. I had shelved them after hearing a different track a couple months ago but when I heard this beat I had to give them a second chance. Took me a while to get used to Prolyphic’s voice but I’m feelin their album right now. Its been a long while since I could say that about a non-instrumental hip hop album from someone/someones relatively new.

Prolyphic & Reanimator – On The Side
And another from them, at least let it play til the beat drops and the organs kick in.

Beyonce – Roc
Just so Raymond has something to get out of this post.

And one more thing for Raymond, he was enjoying the weather reports/reporter while he was down here.

With that, I think I’ve filled my quota of blog posts for 2009. Time for the Raymond to take over. Ahem, that f-l-a-k-e.





2 responses

14 01 2009

That beyonce song, in case anyone is interested.

15 01 2009

haha i remember those buses down there being hella dirty, bums and cockroaches all over. this onetime while riding a bus in china the driver was also on his phone, but then something happened and he stopped the bus and asked some female passenger how he could fix it. it took about 5 mins for him to get back on the phone. i had my wtf face on the whole time. probably took a pic of the dude also.

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