This beat, this beat is bananas.

29 12 2008

Well 2008 is coming to an end. Looking back its been an interesting year. I’m now a socal boy, raymoondo stacked enough money to buy a Ferrari, Eric’s in the motherland, and pretty much everyone is out of school or on their way to some crazy ass degree. Congrats to Jameson and Kajitani on their engagements (I doubt either of them even knows this blog exists but congratulations anyway). But most importantly…Tha Carter III was clearly not the album of the year as was predicted. Anyways, here’s a few tracks to keep things going.

Emancipator – Untitled. Sounds like he’s back to work on the next album, color me excited. I’m sorry he couldn’t be some huge black dude that smokes ganja all day and makes-up beats in his bedroom like raymond wishes. Anyways, try to ignore the whiteness and just listen to the music.

Onra – My Comet.
This is what rayray needs to bump when he picks up the bitches. A good lil’ nighttime cruising beat.
Girl Talk – Play Your Part (Pt. 1). I wasn’t that big of a fan of the last album but Feed The Animals is pretty solid.

I’m still going through the rest of my music from the last six months, I might be back this week with another post if I come across anything amazing.

So that’s it, looking through the blog I see Raymond is outposting me by about 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1, I could make some excuse about quality over quantity but that’s not really the case, I think he’s just more interesting than me. So big ups to him for keepin this alive. I guess my new year’s resolution should be to catch up with the posting for ’09…but it probably won’t be.

Til next time,




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