can you see my reflection?

17 10 2008

right off the bat, one of the best video/song combos i’ve seen/heard in a while… def gotta watch it all the way through. mmm, and muchos kudos to beyonce for lookin classy and delicious at the same time.

beyonce – if i were a boy (linkdafied)

man there’s been quite a musical drought lately, so i’m glad i stumbled across this. the ne-yo album and some shitty rap has been the only things blazing the airwaves at work. fockin keri hilson got delayed yet again. ‘turn off’ with lil wayne is a hot bangin joint though. speakin of bangin…

don’t forget to celebrate Halloween by checking out the latest edition of Saw V, starring the ONE and ONLY Meagan Good! obligatory visual reference:

look how i kept it SFW for Eric and those baby-children he browses the internet in front of. big shouts to east asia, which currently houses a few of the homies. too bad y’all are gonna miss LOS ANGELES 2008 with guest appearances by yours truly, tpain-izzle, and el conquistador pablo. we’ll be sure to pour some out for you biiitches.

i got bored, so peepz some new kicks. i keep it gangsta at work with my icy white AF1s. then stunt on them niggas on the court with my black on black nikes.


next time, i’ll hit y’all with pics of my new grey NB 991’s. the official shoe of the white man (and steve jobs). fock i’ve been wasting AND losing wayyy too much money recently like i’m a real niglet.

back to my fuckin cse hw and drawing concentric circles with java, cuz i strive to be more smarter like tpain (my hero).





3 responses

22 10 2008

please post more hottiez girls pics and less nottiez kix pix. no one wants to see boring mono-color kicks.

12 11 2008

what what? haha we are shoe buddies now. My daily kicks right now are white AF1s…identical twins of yours…cept without the swoosh on the side…and a little metal pin on the laces that says AF2…haha. Miss your frugal ass.

27 12 2008

Still no new posts? Seattle snow? LA trip? You guys are laaaaaazy

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