if you got money…

18 09 2008

… and you know it, take it out your pocket and show it, then throw it like BLAOW!

maaan things on the Street are crazy right now son. buy/sell/short/call… what to do?! these are some unprecedented times in the financial sector and the impacts are affecting you, me, and even tpain. im gonna come out and say i def do not agree with the bailouts of these huge financial institutions, but i cant really offer a better solution. if we dont bail them out, millions of people could lose their money/jobs/insurance. but how are they going to pick and choose who gets bailed out (aig/fmac/fmae) and who goes bankrupt (lehman bros/indymac)?! i smell something fishy going on with the Fed (the federal reserve, for you dark-skinned folk) and its got me worried. http://finance.google.com has been my most visited site these past few weeks. now… time to make my time make me money, bitche$$$.

in other news, curly hair is wack. and i’m not talking about the down south stuff (cuz its still better to trim the forest, than scorch the earth barren). i’m talkin about curly hairstyles for girls. pretty much no hot girl can rock curly hair and maintain their ‘hot girl’ status. case in point, this breezy i just saw last night on the show House (which is uber gay, but i digress): Olivia Wilde

curly hair:


and i rest my case. now if anyone would like to dispute this curly hair wackness, please provide visual evidence and we shall see.

the boys are back! so the new season of Entourage has started and so far, there’s more positive than negative. the season premiere was a solid episode with hearty laughs around; whereas, the second episode, was much more dull and didn’t really push the storyline in any direction. regardless, someone needs to tell mark walhberg to bring Sloan back… merely an excuse to post a pic f’sho! mm mm ‘licious.

so who wants to go to la-la-land? i gots vacation and i gots to use it. i’m thinkin december-ish. the nig (tpain) is offering complementary room and board along with a free night on the town. fock, we might even get on that TMZ if we’re lucky….

muziks update: if you haven’t already, go copz that new TI paper trail album and that colby o’donis album. both have some bangers that keep your third leg snappin to the beat. lastly, tpain and i have finally found another CERTIFIED BANGERT.I. ft. Usher – My Life, Your Entertainment. if youre not feelin that, you should find another blog to read, as you obviously have horrible taste in everything. smilez. im. out.





2 responses

24 09 2008

LOl, man you need to post NSFW stuff on here. I was checking your blog at work and had to minimize the window hella fast cuz some kids almost saw…lol. btw, curly is wack yes but some nice curls and waves can be sexy imo…yupyup i will have to show you some examples when you come out. By the by, you watch thet newest episode of how i met your mother??

27 09 2008

lol btw sloan is in ‘don’t mess with the zohan’… since i know you like watching crappy movies for the actresses…::ahem:: waist deep… haha

also being the beat junkie I know Tomas is I thought I’d pass this along in case you already haven’t given it a listen yet. canadian producer/emcee


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