Summer’s Over

4 09 2008

Yup its over, not that it really matters anymore. There’s no longer a summer break that would be coming to an end about now and some of us moved to areas without real seasons.

Lets see, what else. I’ve now joined my co-blogger in the ranks of the working class so I’m no longer sitting on my ass all day, at home-I do it in an ac building now. I didn’t blog too much when I was doing that but maybe that was just because I didn’t have much to talk about. Its been a good three weeks now of commuting on the bike. For anyone thinking about doing the same here’s a few pros and cons. Cons: carrying your gear around sucks. Motorcycles getting good gas mileage is a myth, I think I’m getting less than 27 mpg right now w/all the traffic I sit in on my way to work. Pros: premium parking spots, leaving from work is much more fun and 10x more awesome and last but not least lane splitting!!! I’m still not used to it down here but that shiz is ridiculous, completely ridiculous. I still don’t see how it’s legal and 10 years from now it probably won’t be. Goin up the middle on my way home probably cuts my commute in half and I don’t go much over 20mph when I’m splitting (yea traffic sucks a lot for the evening commute).

Here’s a few tracks I’ve been listening to lately. I haven’t really been keepin up with what’s the latest and greatest but it looks like Ray’s got that covered for now.

Nomak – If I Was Peace ft. Fat Jon. I’m not really a fan of Fat Jon but that beat is pretty sick.

Shawn Lee’s Ping Pong Orchestra – Kiss the Sky. Heard this when I was checking out the snowboard vid Picture This. If you’re into snowboarding or extreme sports movies I recommend it.

Blue Scholars – Inkwell (Remix). An oldie but a goodie, one of my favorite summer time songs.

8mm – No Way Back. Not sure how I came across this one. I’m a sucker for a song with a piano.

Arrested Development – Since The Last Time.
Another nice lil summer joint.

And for the obligatory reference to the F word, can you guess who these are named after?

Until the next time the rayman calls me out for not posting,




2 responses

4 09 2008

what the fuck is wrong with this comment box. ghey.

12 09 2008

ya i got it a little while ago…i agree. I am not feeling this latest one as much as their first release…

Thought you might enjoy this track out…a bit old but if you like it i’ll send you some similar korean stuff…

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