Oh nooooes, I’m getting darker.

23 07 2008

There’s been a fury of activity on the blog lately, lets see how long this lasts for, haha.

Glad to see my co-blogger held things down for the most part while I was mia. There was this little thing I had to finish called college. Also the blog has gone coastal, Seattle to LA boi! I’ll save the stories from the City of Angels for a later post though. Since Pedo covered the randomness with his last couple posts I’ll add some tunes.

Uyama Hiroto-A Son of the Sun
This ish finally dropped. After hearing Stratus a while ago I was keepin an eye out for more from this dude. I was a little disappointed after my first listen but I’m gonna give it a couple more plays. Stratus is probably still the best track on the album:

Album: http://www.zshare.net/download/14156374f1d4982f/
(Credit-Hip Hop Revol blog)

DJ Okawari-Diorama
Some more jazz-ish/hip-hop instrumental stuff, great for late night drives (on a side note I really need a car). This album has been on repeat for a while now and I’m putting it up for certification but the lack of “spoken words” don’t help its chances with my co-blogger. Couldn’t find links to the best tracks but here’s a couple so you can get a feel.

Album: http://sharebee.com/72c409ca
(Credit-Musical Schizophrenia blog)

Also we have a new SorP Certified Banger…How I Met Your Mother! Sorry about the small pic.

Lets all hope Pedo has a good time in the Bay, there should be more than enough boy love for him there.


PS: Go peep the Dark Knight if you’re one of the few that hasn’t yet. That shit is siiick.




4 responses

24 07 2008

ahh more goodies from hydeout productions…i take it you’ve checked out their older stuff from back in the day? pre-nujabes stuff…japan is on top of it lately…by the by caught some bikers whizzing around the streets the other night in Seoul and took a vid especially for you two…check it check it.

25 07 2008

actually i think some of those songs were on the old hydeout productions cds…if you haven’t you should check them out…

25 07 2008

Shing02’s album dropped too…kinda long but good.

21 08 2008

The Carter III was some wack ass shit. T-Pain knows the deal because real recognize real.

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