my breath smells like cat food

23 07 2008

Two posts in two days… shiz i’m on fire like t-pain’s crab-infested crotch.

Anyways, I was drivin to work today in silence, as my radio is currently uninstalled, so it gave me plenty of time to think, and listen to that man-like growl of 2.0 liters of fury. My mind wanders near and far whenever things are quiet and the random topics range usually from the next day’s tasks, to foodz i want, to breezies that are… ahem.

Today I recalled a conversation I had with a coworker about spilt oil or whatnot. Random yes, but it led me to realize, that I have yet to name my car. He named his car Murphy, which is unique, but it reminds me of the Smurfs for some reason. I previously tossed out the nickname Bumblebee, cuz of the awesome Transformers movie. Seeing as how it was kind of already taken and not very creative at all, I had to get the juices following (creative juices that is) and sparx up something fantasmic! I finally decided to go the awesome route and name my car… drumroll please… RALPH! Like this nig here:

Save the applause till the end, but yeah, I know its great. Now whenever people ask what whip I’m pushin, I can point at the beast and say, “Yeah that’s my Ralph over there.” Also, whoever can make stickers, please create the one below for me, so I can represent gangsta-style…

Also just for giggles, this almost made me ROFLMAO on tha real:

That’s it for today, and the rest of this week. If you’re lucky, maybe you’ll be blessed with a post from the dark one sometime soon. Lastly, since the season is almost upon us, I leave you with this… obama who? GET OUT AND VOTE!

-pedobear OUTz




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