yo, wake up BIG

22 07 2008

… cuz i’m going going back back to cali cali.

Figured I’d publish a new post as its been a good long minute since I last spoke some words up on this piece. New things of note: my car hates me, I suck at converting soccer headers, and I have a growing propensity to sleep late on weekends without showering first. It also seems that this has become a one-man blog now that t-pain is the new spokesman for kellog’s frosted FLAKES.

Anyways, the clock is ticking, so here’s some recent pics of a few tasty delights I concocted with some other jeegros. The first three sexy pics are of my pie, and the other pies are created by chicken and sausage loving lovers:

Apologies for the short post, but I got some biDness to handle fo’ I bizzounce. Next time I shall hit you with the best of the sights and sounds from nor-cal, AKA man francisco, AKA man jose, AKA sunnymale, AKA TAPPSVILLE. In the mean time, peepz the new leaked lloyd tracks: http://youtube.com/watch?v=meuSH0FR9_o or some hot new ne-yo: http://youtube.com/watch?v=geI45cOpsHo.

Also in late breaking news, SorP has found another CERTIFIED BANGER, this time in the form of a sitcom: How I Met Your Mother. Check out all three seasons for some awesome stories and jokes.

Best Joke so far: “That girl over there is checkin you out.” -Ted
“Meh, she’s just a 15 though, you know, like in Blackjack. I don’t know whether or not I want to HIT IT!” -Barney

Peace out from Mr. I Need Some Entertainment.




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