20 12 2007

Its definitely been a few years since I’ve been able to say that about an album but Emancipator’s Soon It Will Be Cold Enough is exactly that. After hearing “With Rainy Eyes” on his Myspace page I had to hear the rest of the album. Instead of playing the whole album through I ended up playing a track at a time, it probably took me a few days before I had listened to everything. For me when first hearing a great albums there’s always that fear that you already heard the best song/songs and its just going to be downhill from there so you just keep listening to that last great track…but with the great ones it just keeps getting better.

Its highly doubtful that you’ll be seeing any smash or pass certfied banger status on this one since its just beats and my co-author isn’t a fan of anything he can’t sing along to in the shower…someone get a few JoJo or Lil’ Weezy accapella’s and slap em over this album and he’ll be all over it. So if you are a fan of trip-hop/hip-hop/instrumentals/downbeat etc. stuff like RJD2, Prefuse 73, DJ Shadow, this is a must have. If you aren’t check it out anyways as this is some of the best of it and if I had to recommend something out of everything I’ve heard in the last three or four years it’d be this.

I could go on praising this album for a while(like the guitar at the end of Good Knight that sends shivers down my spine) but I’ll just leave it at that.

-tpain out




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