silence speaks volumes

10 12 2007

Just checking in with our loyal readers out there…



Okay, I hear y’allz…

Anyways, people should send out holiday cards more often. They are nice. Ahh the good ol’ days of holiday cards and hand-written letters arriving in the mailbox. Now if only the white postman wasn’t so greedy and tryin to charge us madd cents to send them.

Random rant: courtesy calls are quite possibly the most frustrating part of my day.

This upcoming week I’m looking forward to: receiving my gift in the mail, receiving my wheel spacers from a man in a (brown/yellow/or white) truck, Ben Bernanke cutting interest rates, getting my desktop comp online for the first time in 2+ years,  getting some new muziks, receiving that email/message, and putting my contacts on more than 3 times. Haha, I just realized the color of the truck my spacers arrive in, could also describe the man who drives that truck. Brown people are funny.

Msg to the hot girls reading: raise your hand if you rock sweats often and can actually pull it off. Next step, leave some contact info… yessir.

Lastly, I have this damn stamp on my wrist that just won’t wash off. Places should consider using stickers instead. What if I was forever branded with this toxic ink? Speaking of branding, I just burned the ish out of my arm yesterday gettin my Martha Stewart on. Thanksgiving dinner Pt. II was a success regardless of my purple toasted skin.

‘…i like brain, so i fcuks with a whole buncha nerds…’





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17 04 2008

I just noticed,that I am not the only person who really liked Hellogoodbye – Here in Your Arms. Thanks, now I feel a little less gay about that.

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