please allow me to reintroduce myself

21 11 2007

apologies on the large gap between posts, monies and learning more about investing has consumed me in recent weeks. who wouldn’t want more scrilla/cheese/cake/stacks/paper/green/raydollahs?

alas, the subject on blast today is… da market. the stock market. the domain of the white man. whassUP with it? talk about volatile and hard to read. something about it smells fishy and its not between the legs of t-pain’s gf. there must be some news hiding in the background and its dragging the market down. even good news on major company earnings reports (HP and IBM) aren’t helping. this frustrates me, i needs to learn more. talk to me Jim Cramer (who’s books and show are totally rad)! 

it seems to be all about capital preservation right now. if you can, keep the cashola in a high yield savings acct or something cuz the game is too risky at the moment. i’m guessing some phatty companies are gonna come out and have some real bad financial news about lending market and the foreclosure boom and the feds will be forced to slash rates again. put on your seat belts kids, its gonna be a wild ride… just like sitting on t-pain’s lap.

i leave you with this parting note of wisdom. while sleeping with velour sweats may seem like a good idea initially, cuz the soft comfy texture feels so sexy next to your skin, you will soon regret your decision whilst feverishly tearing away at your sweats as your lower nether regions begin to ignite with the heat of passion and suffocation. btw, i just totally made that up. 

also, gooOoooOoooOOOoOOOoOooooo ENGLAND today in their match against croatia! next time i will actually blog about a more interesting topic, like the all-new Burger King Spicy Chick’n Crisp sammich. wow an entry without pics or music links? give me a standing O baby.





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