Certified Banger?

16 11 2007


It’s been a couple of weeks since we posted but hey, I’ve been mad busy ranking up in Halo.

Well its official, we have our first Certified Banger of the blog, Leona Lewis’s Bleeding Love produced by Ryan Tedder.

For some reason Raymond and I don’t agree on much when it comes to music, he seems to pay attention to things like vocals and “singing” whereas I concentrate a lot more on the instruments and the melody, basically who the producer was. Thus, it’s rare for us to both agree on a song being good. Such songs that we do agree on being very good are classified as Certified Bangers.

With that covered, here’s a couple of things to peep:

Leona Lewis-Spirit
It’s a good cd, nothing of OMG-this woman needs to be worshipped quality, but its good. I think the expectations were just too high.
Standout Tracks: the aforementioned Bleeding Love, Whatever It Takes, Better In Time, The Best You Never Had, Yesterday (Raymond’s Pick).

OneRepublic-Dreamin’ Out Loud
If you haven’t checked them out yet, you need to. That’s all I’m gonna say. Also look for some of their tracks that weren’t on this CD such as Dreamin’ Out Loud (how is this not on the album???)
Standout Tracks: Say, Stop & Stare, Apologize, All We Are.

On the not so poppish front the next Deltron is slated for release sometime next year! 7 years and counting…

-tpain out.




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