the best futbol players pt. 2

1 11 2007

So after the all the harsh criticism I had for Raymond’s list, its only fair that I post my list of the best fooballers on the pitch. I’m keepin it short because…well, only so much can be said about perfection. Just search for any of these cats on Youtube and you’ll see plenty of reasons for why they made the list.


#3 Little “Thumb Sucker” Robson a.k.a. Robinho
After seeing this kid play in the World Cup last year I’m really looking forward to seeing him three years from now in South Africa. He may need to “eat some beef” as some say but the dude makes up for it with speed and his smart runs off the ball.


#2 Ronaldinho “Smiley” Gaucho
There’s no questioning this man’s ability to be a magician with the ball. He’s one of the few where I’ve seen him do a move and I have to rewind it cuz I have no idea how he did what I just saw. Its obvious that football is this man’s life, when he was asked if he had a girlfriend at a press conference a while ago, he replied, ‘oh yea, she’s right here’ and then reached into his bag under the table and pulled out a football. Straight gangsta right there son. Also you can tell he loves the game, I don’t think I’ve ever seen another player that was just straight cheeesin’ for a whole game like this dude be doin all the time. Well…maybe Raymond, that time when he played shirts/skins with Cristiano.


#1 (The New Maradona) Lionel Messi
This dude is straight rackin up the goals at Barcelona and for Argentina. The guy is just a plain threat on the field: vision, speed, ball control, he’s got everything he needs to be the MVP of World Cup 2010. They’ve been saying for a while now that he’s the next Maradona (Mardona himself even said this) and I’m starting to agree with them. He’s already pulled off a Hand of God and this goal, of which Maradona’s is considered by many to be the greatest goal ever scored. I was pretty much speechless after I saw that second one.

Well there it is, if you disagree feel free to post and continue with the hatin’, which I did start…

-tpain out




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