enough of the footy talk…back to the females, i mean music

1 11 2007

thought I would post a couple of really good live performances I’ve seen the last couple weeks:

Alicia Keys – No One (Jay Leno Live)

I think I like the live performance better than the album version for some reason. It might be the crunk ass nig in the back (home dude starts wildin out around 3:50) or maybe it’s seein Ms. Keys and those hips in that dress, don’t worry though Pablito-you still got dibs on her. Also peep the bass player, dude had it all planned out, wearin them dark ass shades so he could take advantage of his premium view without anyone being able to tell. Smart man.

Leona Lewis – Bleeding Love (T4 Live)

Damn, I’ve been playin the hell out of this song as well. Took a while for me to get used to the loud ass snare but after that this got put on repeat fo’ realz. They’re sayin she could be the next Mariah / Whitney and after seein this I don’t doubt that. It’s currently under review for Banger Certification with Raymond since its already gotten my vote. I’m just hoping they keep her more R&B and not all pop-ish, like some of her other tracks. Lookin’ forward to her album in the next couple weeks, especially this rumored Danja produced track, potential for single of the year right there, yizzur.





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