Ladies and gents, drumroll please…

27 10 2007

and the king of hip-hop is… Lil Wayne. And the crowd goes wild!

With the most anticipated rap album of 2007 (actual release date of 2.12.08) coming to a store near you, Weezy F Baby has clearly established himself as the nig to beat. If the tracks that have leaked are of any indication, his latest release may somehow top his epic album Tha Carter II (a must-listen fo’ reaaal).

Peep these tracks here, then go out and cop Tha Carter III (The Leak AND the real version), then upload and share it, cuz Lil Wayne gots enough money already. Ordered from best to a little worse:

Lil Wayne – Trouble
Lil Wayne – Gossip
Lil Wayne – I Don’t Wanna Be Alone
Lil Wayne – Bitch Get Off Me

Lil Wayne – Navigator Man
Lil Wayne – Kiss Me Baby

Lil Wayne – Dear Lord

BET Hip-Hip Awards Performance:

Also, here’s a little candid shout-out video of America’s Greatest Rapper.

Since my last top 3 list got DEBO’d by tpain, I figure why not give him something else to ponder. So here is my list of the top 3 hip-hop albums of 2007:

1. Lil Wayne – Tha Carter III: Yeah I’m callin it already. Donezo.

2. T.I. – TI vs TIP: Didn’t really dig this my first listen-through, but it grew on me with the quickiness, too bad he’s facing 10 years in prison… Tracks on repeat: Big Shit Poppin, Da Dopeman, Watch What You Say, Hurt, Act II, Help Is Coming, My Swag, Touchdown, Tell em I Said That, and My Type (best track on the album).

3. Chamillionaire – Ultimate Victory: Would get me more amped if he cussed and used the nig word. Notables: Standing Ovation, Won’t Let You Down, Pimp Mode, Rock Star (featuring *Lil Wayne*), The Bill Collecta, The Ultime Vacation, and I Think I Love You.

Honorable mentions go out to Kanye West (I bees diggin his teddy bear logo), DJ Khaled (We Da Besttt), Fabolous, and Chamillionaire’s Mixtap Messiah Pt II.

Also, for my pop-loving loverboy tpain, here’s a few hot bangers: One produced by your boyfriend’s (Danja) boyfriend (Timbaland) and possibly written by JTimberlake: Rihanna – Rehab. Another hit by Mario, whose album is awesome, but for some reason this track isn’t on there, Mario Ft. Usher – My Love. Lastly, your flavor of the week, whose album is also highly anticipated based on leaked tracks, Chris Brown Ft. Johnta Austin – Miss You. SMASH or PASS?!?





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