who bees the best (fut)ballers in de world?

24 10 2007

We interrupt tpain’s pop music lovefest to discuss something different… Today just happened to be a grrrreat day for le futbol. Though I was hindered by a silly thing called work, I still managed to catch some UEFA qualifying matches; specifically the ManU game and parts of the Barca and Inter game. Sadly, I missed the amazing 7-0 victory by Arsenal, but I’ll try and catch them on replay. This futbol-fest gots me to thinkin, who bees the top 3 futballers in the world?

Well, I maybe a little biased (goOOooOoOoo ManU!) and maybe ill-informed from my lack of experience, but I have decided to compose my somewhat controversial top 3 list and it goes a little something like this

1. Cristiano ‘the sexy one’ Ronaldo – age 22 – He makes the game beautiful, plain and simple. He probably scores more off the field than on, but i ain’t madd at the playa. His two goals in today’s match against some terrorist russian team demonstrate his delightful skills and tantalizing moves. I could post pics of this playboy all day long and the number of hits on this blog would quadruple…

2. Wayne ‘tha beast’ Rooney – age 21 – He’s got a cannon for a leg with skills to match. This cracker jack striker plays with reckless abandon and has recently gone on a scoring binge. Playing on the best team in the world (MANuuuuuu), he wreaks havoc against opponents by teaming up with the sexy one (above), Carlos Tevez, (poo)Nani, and the oft-injured Louis Saha to create a freakishly scary scoring attack.

3. Theo ‘da phenom’ Walcott – age 18 – This nig is straight outta compton (seriously) and is dripping wet with tasty potential. Scoring two goals today, he proves that he is the next chosen one. Forget all this wack hype about lionel messi or robinho, the kidd to watch is Theooooooo Walcott. Next time you turn on Winning Eleven or some ish, substitute him into the game and watch as he runs circles around defenders. Once the motherland (England) decides to start him on their national team, they will finally make some noise on the international scene.

*I apologize to all the teeny bop white girls and tpain (my co-author) for not including their much-beloved David Beckham on this list, but he still gets madd props for bangin the hottest spice girl and stackin kwazy scrilla. Also, kudos to Thierry Henry, you my friend would be fourth on this list. Back to you tpain, broadcasting live from KOCK 96.69 FM radio…





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